Paul Cohen is a creative and diverse Private Investigator. He uses everything from basic door-to-door questioning to state of the art investigative technology in solving his cases.  Paul was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He was known to hang out at Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. This is where he developed his passion for racing cars. In the mid 1970’s he moved to California where he graduated from law school earning his Juris Doctorate degree. Launching his own investigation agency (Information Resources, Inc.)  Paul used his legal background to work closely with attorneys, insurance companies and governmental agencies. “Each day was a new adventure with new challenges to meet—new problems to solve,” Paul recalls. Over the following years his reputation grew. He became involved in a number of high profile media cases. Paul’s techniques in solving cases became known nationally and he began sharing his knowledge, training other investigators. He co-authored a book for young adults titled A Career in Law Enforcement & Security.

Paul currently works on cases within the film industry, law enforcement and government agencies. He is working on a new book called  “The Claims Game”.

He lives in Southern California with his wife Shari.  Contact number for future business: 310-589-9002, email:


Here is Paul questioning two potential witnesses about what they saw from space