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dave jones posted 05-23-98 04:33 PM ET         

After 500 miles since rebuild my valve train is extremely noisy and all the adjusters which were new are showing extreme wear. The valve covers on removal are not very oily. I suspect no oil to the valve train or soft adjusters, Anyone else experienced bad adjusters or where can my oil blockage be???

Wayne at Pelican Parts posted 05-24-98 12:12 AM ET      

Hmm, if there is no oil going to the valve train, then you have a really big problem. I assume that you are getting oil pressure when you turn on the engine. I doubt that there is no oil getting to the valve train; it usually isn't too oil soaked whenever I remove the valve covers.

Are you getting wear on the valve stems themselves, or are you getting wear on the valve adjusting screws? You should only use the original stock valve adjusting screws; some of the aftermarker (VW) ones are too hard and will wear your valves instead of your screws.

When you rebuilt your engine, did you clean out your pushrods? The insides of the pushrods are hollow to allow oil flow to the valve train. If they are clogged (they often are) then that may inhibit oil flow to your rockers. The oil return tubes flow the oil back to the engine. You should be able to see down the inside of the tubes.

Hope this helps,


dave jones posted 05-24-98 10:00 AM ET      

The valve stems do not appear to be worn, the push rods are clear. They were not full of oil but there was some in them. The adjusters are very worn, worse than those I took out 500 miles ago.
Oil pressure warning light of course goes out immediately the motor starts.
The rockers and lifters are not galled on the shaft and appear to be OK.
This afternoon I amm going to pull a lifter but I don,t expect that to tell me much as it normally is lubricated of course by splash from the sump.

Wayne at Pelican Parts posted 05-24-98 11:45 AM ET      

Hmm, then this requires some thought. I don't think that the lifters are oiled by sump splash though, primarily because on the 2.0L motors, there is a sump plate, or windage tray that covers the sump and basically prevents oil from splashing up.


Wayne at Pelican Parts posted 05-24-98 11:46 AM ET      

What is the wear patten? Is it a line down the edge of the adjusters, a circular pattern, or is there pitting of the adjustment screws. I have seen all three over the years...



dave jones posted 05-24-98 12:30 PM ET      

I pulled one lifter and it looks OK. All the adjusters are worn by the metal being beaten out, just as if I had taken a punch the size of the valve stem and hammered it which of course is what the valve stem did. I am coming to the conclusion that it is a bad set of valve adjusters. I tried filing the head back to shape and it filed rather easily for what is supposed to be hardened steel. I found one of the old ones that I'd kept for a spare because it was in good shape and I tried filing it and the file just slid off without really marking it.
How much for new adjusters?? REAL PORSCHE ONES!!!!

dave jones posted 05-24-98 07:46 PM ET      

I think I now have the answers to my problems. I am now pretty sure I have soft adjusters but this is not the whole story. After I ground all the adjusters back to somewhere near where they should have been. (for test purposes, I don't intend to use them) I set all the valves and then wound the engine over by putting it in top gear and rotating one rear wheel. Every time I hit the top of a cam lobe there was a loud click from somewhere. Yup you guessed it. Loose cam gear. Strange since it ran OK before I pulled the motor down for worn rings and cylinders and I never touched it or even looked at the cam to gear integrity.
So I still have to pull it all to pieces but I shall take this opportunity to put in a new Web cam and lifters as well as new adjusters.
Anyone have experience with the street performance Web cam in a fuel injected 74 2 liter. How much improvement is there? Is it worth doing?

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