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I have a 1971 914-6 clone with a '71 911E 2.2 motor. The problem I have is with the passenger side window hitting on the rear of the window towards the top. It is not like this on the driver's side. There appears to very, very little rust in the battery area as well as under the battery area. If you look at the alignment of the door, it is about an 1/8 of inch low at the rear of the door and level at the front. I do not detect any body damage to speak of. Is it possible that the door is out of alignment? Is this something I can do and how? I have seen these chassis stiffening kits. Are they good and will they solve my problem? If these are good, who sells the best kit and any suggestions and/or hints on installing such? Is there something else that I might check that might be causing the problem? Any help in there area would be greatly appreciated.

JP Noonan  

I had the same condition on a 72 parts car. My problem was that there are 3 points at which the widow glass is connected to the channel. the reaward most one had rusted and fallen off. I think the window still opperated fine it just had a gap at the top. Also check that the door striker plate and related catch on the door are tight. Parts houses do sell replacement door sills so I assume that they rust out fairly often. Look at it from inside the wheel well.

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