June 21st Archive:
Mid-Engined Agility: Porsche 914

Topic Total Messages
Fuel Injection
  Hard Starting a 911 CIS Motor when Hot 1
  Engine Spewing White Smoke upon Acceleration 4
  Problems with Mechanical Fuel Injection 4
  D-Jet Fuel Injection Troubleshooting 6
  Stock Fuel Injection used with a Big Bore Kit 2
  Starting a 914 that has Sat Around Forever 6
  Modern Fuel Injection Systems on the 914 12
  Replacing Fuel Injectors 4
  Type 4 VW vs 914 Engines 6
  Installing a VW Bus Motor into a 914 5
  Is an Engine Rebuild Necessary??? 7
  Type 4 flywheel lightening? 4
  Timing Questions on a Carburetted 914 3
  Putting a Turbo on the 914-4 5
  2.0 Liter 914 Performance Upgrades 17
  Oil Changes and other Basic Maintenance 3
  What Oil Type and Gas to use in the 914? 3
  Unusually Worn Valve Adjusters 6
  Automatic Transmission in a 914? 9
  Side-Shifter Transmission Swap 2
  Problems with Transmission Synchros 3
  Understanding the Electrical Diagrams 4
  914 Starter Electrical Connections 2
  Battery Relocation for the 914 3
  Hot Start Relay Problems and Troubleshooting 5
  Troubleshooting the Relay Board and Relays 4
Wheels / Tires
  The Difference Between Mahles and Pedrinnis 2
  Wheels & Tire Sizing for a 914-6 GT Setup 2
  7X15 Fuchs and Tires on a stock 914 5
Interior & Exterior Trim
  Installing a Porsche Crest on the Rear of the 914 1
Chassis & Suspension
  Sagging body / Bad Window Fit? 1
  914 Rear Wheel Alignment Info 3
  Mysterious Wires Near the Brake Reservoir 5
  Autocross 914 Drivers Ed Info 10
  Thinking about buying a 72'/914 5
  914-6 Steering Column 4
  Broken Oil Pressure Gauge 1

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