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HomeTech Articles > Engine Compartment Detailing

Guest Technical Article:

Engine Compartment Detailing:
Fan and Shroud
Page 5

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

The fan was prepped and sprayed with a light coat followed by two coats of red and two of clear. I kept the ends of the blades fairly light so that they would not build up enough to interfere with the shroud .

The shroud was sprayed the same way but it is interesting that the aluminum color is very reflective by itself but when the clear coat is applied it dulls it down a bit but still looks very nice.

Don't try this at home ! Or at least don't let your wife catch you ! Yes, this is my kitchen and I did bake the parts in between coats to set the paint.
There were no harmful effects from any fumes although the cat died several days later  - unrelated incident I'm sure.

My fist look at what the engine will look like with the colors I have chosen. A word of caution - DO NOT handle the fan with your hands between coats ! I did and my finger prints showed up as a goldish tint all over the fan when the clear was applied

All of the plastic and metal air ducting was removed and painted with a satin black spray.

The inner air duct that goes over the alternator was painted red  to contrast against the shroud and pick up the red from the fan.

The air shroud was painted with the black satin as well to match the rest of the black items.

I masked the areas that I didn't want paint on by using old towels to cover the large areas and aluminum foil to cover hoses.

This is a shot of the right side of the cam case after application of the aluminum paint.

Here is the left cam case and  shroud support. I used two coats of color and two of clear on these areas.

Here is what it looks like after I took the masking off.
I put on the red bolt covers but took them off later - they didn't go very well with the rest of the engine.

This is the right side after reassembly. The cases  have maintained their color very well and wipe off asily.

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