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HomeTech Articles > Engine Compartment Detailing

Guest Technical Article:

Engine Compartment Detailing
Detailing and Painting
Page 4

This portion of this project is the most time consuming because you have to  mask off things properly and allow time for paint to dry - usually overnight. I did this project in a number of stages. It started with the thorough cleaning of the engine and the area surrounding it. Then I used some extra paint I had from a previous body repair to paint the interior body area of the engine bay with a brush. Next I detailed the intake runners by painting them with aluminum heat paint (polishing out was impossible with them on the engine). The next item was the valve covers and then the teardown to access the fan, shroud and engine case.

The following pictures show these different processes. This is a project that anyone can do given the time and desire to take the looks of their car to the next level.

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

Using the extra body paint, I carefully brushed it on all of the interior surfaces. The rough texture is from the original finish so  using a brush didn't matter.

Having an earlier model it is easier to access the far reaches of the engine compartment. I did the back and sides first so I didn't have to reach across the wet paint.

The drivers side is a little more of a challenge with the electrical stuff but a small brush worked well in the tight spaces.

The completed interior compartment is 100% better looking than it was - even with no other improvements !

I started out trying to spray paint the runners but it is too tight in there so I used the brush to apply the aluminum heat paint.

The right side is even more difficult toget at but it is possible.  You sure get to know your engine this way!

I decided to detail out the CD box, filter and accumulator while I was in there

I removed the air box cover and applied a satin black paint to it because it just would not clean up very well using Back to Black.

This is where I got my first taste of what I was in for - I got so wrapped up in figuring out HOW to mask off the covers I forgot to take any pictures while I did them

It was not hard to apply the paint once the masking was done. I sprayed a dusting coat and then followed up with two more coats allowing overnight drying in between.

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