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HomeTech Articles > Engine Compartment Detailing

Guest Technical Article:

Engine Compartment Detailing
Page 2

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Well, you have to start somewhere ! This is the first nut I saw so it came off  first.  I wanted to get the coil and plug wires out of the way first.

What a mess! I'm not a believer in the grounded plug wires so they are outta` here. I will use wire looms to clean this up later.

Just as a precaution I marked the plug wires so I could get them right later when installing the new Magnecore plug wires.

I didn't know what this was so I had to go to the parts manual to ID it. The thermotime  sensor works with your CIS to signal when the engine is warming up.

The distributor / CD wires were in pretty bad shape. I labeled each of them for correct reassemble later.

I replaced most of the connectors with new ones and put shrink tubing over the new wires to clean up the area and provide better protection.

The air ducts were difficult to remove . I found that after disconnecting them from the headers pulling them out from the top worked best.

One thing lead to another in the disassembly. Here the right air ducting is shown with the hose and metal portion removed.

I read somewhere if you take the left side duct off first it will help you get the alternator out easier. It definitely did help. It gives you good access to the inside area.

I removed the fan belt noting how many spacers were on the hub. I had 5 spacers - 4 inside and 1 out. There were  no changes so it would go back the same way.

Next came the band around the shroud. This is a single 8mm screw on my engine. After unbolting it I pulled it to the sides so that I could move the shroud rearward.

This is the air flow cone that is attached to the rear of the Alt .You must remove all the nuts completely and then you can push it back to get access to the rear of the Alt

The dreaded ALTERNATOR

This was a piece of cake to  remove! I was really concerned about this but it is MUCH easier than I thought it would be.

If you are mechanical enough to do your brakes you can do this ! I pulled the shroud rearward to expose the rear of the Alt and drew a diagram of the wires and where they went.

The band that secures the shroud  is pulled through the saddle where the shroud sat .

Is that a gaping hole or what !My neighbor stops by at this point and just starts laughing again - Sure it'll go back  together !

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