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HomeTech Articles > 993 Technical Article:

Pelican Guest Technical Article
Permission to publish this article is provided generously by
Robin Sun at
Be sure to visit his site for loads of 993 info!

Rear fog light switch install

The rear fog light switch is located on the right side of the front fog light switch in the center of the dash above the radio.
This DIY section will show you how to install the rear fog light switch.

(1). Before proceeding to the first step please ensure that you have your radio code card handy, because installation of this switch requires the removal of the radio and in order to reactivate the radio a security code must be entered. 

(2). In order to correctly remove the factory radio a set of 2 keys must be used simultaneously to pull the radio out of the DIN chassis.  Each key can be used as either right or left side key, the direction is etched on the key itself to guide you on which side it should be used. 

(3).  Remove the security face plate, insert the two key into the horizontal slot and slowly pull the radio out. 

(4).  Once the radio is out of the DIN chassis disconnect the power, antenna connection from behind.

(5).  Use a tool to pull the DIN chassis's tabs down so the DIN chassis can also be pulled out of the radio slot.  The tabs were bent up from the factory to keep the DIN chassis in place.  Removing the DIN chassis will aid the installation of the rear fog light switch.  (Be careful the edges of the DIn chassis are sharp and will cut your hands)

(6). Unscrew and remove the front fog light switch by turning it counter-clockwise, use a snap ring plier to unscrew the plastic switch holder nut.  Be careful to make sure the snap ring plier have a good grip on it before you start to turn it.  The cap is made of plastic and can be easily stripped if you slip.  You may need to hold the switch from behind to aid the removal of the plastic nut. 

(7). After removing the front fog light switch you now have a good idea what size hole to cut on the blank slot on the right of the front fog light switch.  Use a x-acto knife carefully cut the dash blank switch hole out. 

(Before continuing on, wiring to the rear fog light switch should be completed before installation of the switch)

(8). Unwrapped the black tape on back of the front fog light switch to reveal the wires to the front fog lights.  Locate the brown and gray/blue wire from the front fog light switch and use the razor blade to make a splice opening for wires to be connect to it.  The new factory fog light switch to be used as the rear fog light switch does not come with any wire connections, so you will have to make your own soldering to connect wires to the back of the rear fog light switch, or find a suitable female connector. (Check the end of this page to get the complete wiring connection of the rear fog light switch).  Splice the wire from Pin#31 of the rear fog light switch to the brown wire of the front fog light switch.  Splice the wire from Pin #58 of the rear fog light switch to the gray/blue wire.  Solder the splice is possible and tape up the individual splices with electrical tape and the completed unit. 

(9). Hold rear fog light switch from behind the dash board and screw the plastic cap nut from the front of the dash board and tighten it with the snap ring plier.  Do the same for the front fog light switch. 

(10). Reinstall the radio DIN chassis bend the tabs, re-connect the radio connectors and the antenna back to the radio and insert the radio. 

(11).  At this point you should have two wire hanging from the inside of the dash board, 1 wire to go to the fuse box area and one wire to the rear of the car.

Rear fog light wiring  (wiring to the rear fog light switch should be completed before installation of the switch)
From the back of the rear fog light switch
Pin #31 connects to the brown wire of the front fog light switch
Pin #58 connects to the gray/blue wire of the front fog light switch
Pin #1 connects to the rear fog lights at the rear
Pin #15 connects to the white/yellow wire of the R34 relay in the fuse box

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Rear fog light switch install

Fuse box

Wire run to engine compartment

Rear lens removal 

Rear fog light socket integration

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