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HomeTech Articles > 993 Technical Article:

Pelican Guest Technical Article
Permission to publish this article is provided generously by
Robin Sun at
Be sure to visit his site for loads of 993 info!

Rear Fog Light Socket Integration

This DIY section will show you how to integrate the rear fog light socket into the rear lens and the power feed.

(1). When working on the socket integration lay the rear lens on a towel to prevent scratches to the lens.

(2). Find the two factory dummy plugs for the rear fog light opening and twist off the dummy plug from the rear lens.

(3). You will need to find a generic single element light bulb socket plug that will fit the rear len fog light opening.  Neither Porsche or Hela sells the sockets by themselves, they want you to buy the whole f$%en rear lens.  With help form Gert I found the generic wire from a Nissan dealer (The good guys?)  The fit is not perfect and there are some minor modification needed before the sockets will fit, but this is not an item that you will be putting on and off all the time and once on it is fairly tight it is also water prove so it is good enough for me.

(4). Carefully cut open the black tubing with a sharp razor blade on the back up light wire harness on both sides of the rear lens near the rear fog light plug to reveal the two wire on the inside, on the right side backup light there are three wires, either one of the brown wires can be used.  Make a splice on the brown wire of the backup light wire and connect the negative wire of the rear fog light socket to the splice, and solder the connection if possible.  Finish up using electrical tape to seal the opening.  When done correctly as you can see from the last picture that it looks like part of the factory wiring. 

Note: On a light bulb socket the center contact point is the positive contact, the surrounding base is the negative.

(5). Connect the two positive wire of the rear fog light socket together and cramp in a male connector to be connected to the female end on the car.  Place that positive wire with the backup light wire harness and secure it under the factory wire clip.

(6). Insert the light bulb in the socket and push and turn the socket in place. 

(7).  Reinstall the rear lens make sure now you connect both the backup light connector and the single rear fog light connector.

Ready for test.  Remember, the rear fog lights can only be operated when the engine in turned on in conjunction with the front fog light switch being turned on. 

Rear fog light switch install

Fuse box

Wire run to engine compartment

Rear lens removal 

Rear fog light socket integration

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