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HomeTech Articles > 993 Technical Article:

Pelican Guest Technical Article
Permission to publish this article is provided generously by
Robin Sun at
Be sure to visit his site for loads of 993 info!

Rear Lens Removal

This DIY section will show you how to remove the rear lens and prepare the wire run to the rear lens area.

(1). Unscrew the philips screw at the rear signal lens on each side and remove only the right side lens by unplugging the wire connector at each bulb.  Just leave the left side signal lens hangng on the wire. 

(2). Open the engine deck lid, turn the rear lens panel plastic bolt 90 degrees with a flat screw driver.  Use a plier or a tweezers to pull the plastic cap off first before attempting to remove the panel.  If you pull the panel up with the plastic caps still inserted in there they may fly up and become MIA inside your engine bay area.

(3). Loosen the three 4 mm allen bolt caps and remove the plastic caps together with the bolt.

(4). Loosen the three embedded philips screw to so the top of the screw is flush with the rear lens top panel.

(5). Pull the lens towards you to remove the rear lens.  Unscrew the philips screw that holds the wiring plug for the rear lens in place, disconnect the connector to the backup light.

(6). Pull the snorkel off and the air filter box, and remove the air box cover.  Reach in on the right side of the engine bay and remove the electronic cover that houses some wire blocks and wire harness.  It is a little tricky to get this cover off, you may have to play with different angles in order to successfully removing it.

(7).  Feed the wire that you ran from inside of the car to the engine bay area under the existing factory wire harness wire tie, so that it looks like part of the factory wiring.  Find the rubber boot on the right corner of the car after the harness cover have been removed.  Tape the end of the wire to the steel cable and puncture the rubber boot with the wire / steel cable combo through and pull it through on the other side of the rubber boot behind the right signal lens.


(8). Wire tie the wire to the existing factory harness and use as much of the factory clip as possible to secure the wire.  Cramp a female connector on the end of that wire, that is where it will connect to the rear fog light wiring connection.

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Rear fog light switch install

Fuse box

Wire run to engine compartment

Rear lens removal 

Rear fog light socket integration

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