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Guest Technical Article:

901 & 915 Gear Ratios

Andrew Warren

Andrew has been kind enough to let us distribute his 901 and 915 translation/gear ratios spreadsheet here for everyone to calculate their needed ratios.   Make sure that you download both files for your transmission and open them both in Excel.  Here are some notes from Andrew:

The table was taken straight from an Excel spreadsheet, so there are no typos; the MPH numbers really are referenced to a tire diameter of 23.5". That number isn't the calculated diameter of any standard tire; it's the measured rolling diameter of the rear tires that were on my 914/6 when I produced the table. I still have the Excel spreadsheet somewhere; if you want to put it on the Pelican Parts website so peopel can plug their own tire diameters into it, let me know and I'll send it to you.

901 Spreadsheet 1 901 Spreadsheet 2 915 Spreadsheet 1 901 Spreadsheet 2

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