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Brake Cooling Kit Installation

Pelican Technical Article:

Brake Cooling Kit Installation

Jim Smolka

Applicable Models:

Porsche 911 (1965-89)
Porsche 912 (1965-69)
Porsche 930 Turbo (1976-89)
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     So your brakes are getting hot at the track.  Big Reds are too expensive.   One of the best solutions that I have seen to solving this dilemma is to add cooling to the brakes.  Pelican parts sells a brake cooling kit that bolts up to the brakes.   Be sure to order the hub blocking plate also.

     To start, safely jack the car up and use jack stands.  Remove the front tires so that you can see the brakes (see figure one).  Next remove the two bolts that secure the calipers to the strut.  Also, remove the spring clip to add flex in the lines.  Separate the caliper from the strut and hold it up with tie straps.  Removing the brakes this eliminates the need to drain the brake reservoir and the subsequent brake bleeding procedure (see figure two).

     Referring to the Haynes manual, remove the bearing dust cover and remove the wheel hub brake assembly.  Place the whole assembly in a soft job vice (see figure three).  Note, see how the tie-wrap goes through the hub.  This is why you want to buy the optional hub blocking plate.  Separate the hub assembly from the rotor.  Then, place the blocking plate on the back side of the rotor (see figure four).  Install the 8mm bolts (see figure five) and then put the hub onto the rotor.  I recommend installing new 8mm spring washers.  Bolt the hub to the rotor.

     Now that the blocking plate is installed, install the ductwork to the strut (see figure six).  Attach the air pickup to the bottom of the A-Arm.

     Put everything back together again.  I recommend inspecting and repacking the bearings.   Be sure that the air pickup does not rub on the rim or tire.   Also, check the duct hoses as the tires are rotated.

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