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HomeTech Articles > Boxster Litronic Headlamp Installation - Page 6

Pelican Guest Technical Article:

Porsche Boxster
Litronic Headlamp Kit Installation
Page 6

Difficulty Level 4

Difficulty scale:
Adding air to your tires is level one
Rebuilding a 911 Motor is level ten

Mike Rentner

Installing the Headlight Module

To install the headlight modules, if you have done the wiring change, then just plug the new wire into the socket on the module. If not, just go to the next step and slide the module in.

Then slide the module into the car. Be careful that the rubber cap on the bottom side doesn't rub against the bumper. It will leave a mark that you can easily rub off, but no need to risk it.

Then you just use the tool to lock the light module in. I wish there were a way to check to be sure that it is installed properly, but there isn't. Porsche's only advice is to listen for a popping sound when it locks in place. I can tell you from experience that this sound is not always a reliable indicator. Shortly after installing this, I drove around town and when I hit the brakes aggressively, the right headlight module shot out of the car and down the street. That's a BAD thing. I have no advice at this time except to be careful. Good luck!

After doing all of this work, don't forget to change the fuses! Fuses A9 and A10 need to be 15 amp fuses. Mine came that way, but it seems that some cars come with 7.5 amp fuses. I don't know why there's a difference, but Porsche's instructions are clear. Also field reports from others who have corresponded with me verify that the 7.5 amp fuses will blow. Change them now before turning anything on.

My car had some special problems. The right side was not assembled properly after some body work was done. I had to rebuild the mounting plate. You should not normally need to do this, but if you do, you might save some head scratching by checking out how I remounted my headlight module mounting plate.

Page 1 - Introduction: Starting off, removing old lights
Page 2 - Removing the Rear Components: CD changer, amp
Page 3 - Removing the Trunk Liner
Page 4 - Parts provided in the kit
Page 5 - Wiring it up
Page 6 - Finishing up
Page 7 - Adjusting the Mounting Plate: Not normally needed, but it may come in handy

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Comments and Suggestions:
Mark Comments: Extremely helpful. Having just acquired litronic headlights for my early 986 boxster to complete my list of modifications I was somewhat disappointed when they failed to work. My local OPC simply wanted to sell me new xenon bulbs and/or ballasts however having found this feed on the net I replaced fuses A9 and A10 and the lights are fully operational. Very helpful and saved me a lot of money and messing around. Thank you
April 23, 2010
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the feedback. Glad we could help.
- Nick at Pelican Parts

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