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HomeTech Articles > Boxster Litronic Headlamp Installation - Page 2

Pelican Guest Technical Article:

Porsche Boxster
Litronic Headlamp Kit Installation
Page 2

Difficulty Level 4

Difficulty scale:
Adding air to your tires is level one
Rebuilding a 911 Motor is level ten

Mike Rentner

Removing the CD Changer and the Amp

     Next step is to remove the stuff along the back wall of the front trunk. This isn't necessary if you're not going to do the wiring. The wiring isn't needed, but it's not too hard to do.

     First remove the two bolts holding the top of the CD changer if you have one. These bolts screw into a strange rubber "rivet." I recommend replacing them if you need to remove these components. Mine fell apart after only a few times in and out. The way they work is a brass nut of sorts is embedded in a rubber sleeve with a collar.

When you remove the components, remove the bolts and then after you remove the CD changer or amp, pull out the rubber rivet or anchor bolt. Just pull it through the bulkhead. The way the rivet works is that the nut compresses the rubber and makes it expand so that it blocks the bolt from coming through the hole. For this reason be careful not to overtighten the bolts.

Then you pull the changer out of the knife edge connection (I assume it's a ground) on the front bottom.

Here you can see the knife edge a bit better.

There are three plugs to disconnect. These are simple plugs.

Here's the CD changer already pulled out. Notice I've already taken out the spare tire and the battery compartment cover.

Two more bolts to disconnect the amplifier. These are also "rubber rivets" and I recommend you replace them. You need to remove the brake booster cover to get at the other bolt. That is shown in the next web page.

Porsche has some pretty slick connectors. This connector for the amp has a little lever that swings down to unlock the connector. Just press a detent and rotate the lever and the connector is free.

This is the other cable for the amp. Another clever design. The connector housing slides, and the cams pull the connector off.

Next you remove the trunk liner and other stuff. The brake booster cover will be covered in this next page, but should be done prior to removing the amp.

Page 1 - Introduction: Starting off, removing old lights
Page 2 - Removing the Rear Components: CD changer, amp
Page 3 - Removing the Trunk Liner
Page 4 - Parts provided in the kit
Page 5 - Wiring it up
Page 6 - Finishing up
Page 7 - Adjusting the Mounting Plate: Not normally needed, but it may come in handy

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