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Radio Head Unit Installation - Porsche 911 Carrera

Pelican Technical Article:

Radio Head Unit Installation - Porsche 911 Carrera


3 hours3 hrs






Radio removal tools

Applicable Models:

Porsche 996 Carrera (1999-05)
Porsche 996 Carrera 4 (1999-04)
Porsche 996 Carrera 4S (2002-05)
Porsche 997 Carrera (2005-08)
Porsche 997 Carrera 4 (2006-08)
Porsche 997 Carrera 4S (2006-08)
Porsche 997 Carrera S (2005-08)

Parts Required:

Radio, antenna adapter, wire harness adapter

Hot Tip:

Get the correct adapters for your car, so you don't have to cut any wires

Performance Gain:

Great-sounding tunes!

Complementary Modification:

Upgrade your speakers

One of the first projects many new 911 owners perform on their car is to remove and replace their stereo head unit. I know that if I buy a car that has a weak stereo, it's one of the first things to go. The factory Porsche head units (manufactured by Becker) are best described as barely adequate--the technology is at least 10 years old in most cases, and the controls on the units are beyond terrible. This article specifically contains only wiring information for the 1999-2004 Carreras, but is also applicable to the 2005 and later cars.

The good news is that the replacement process is relatively easy, providing you have the right information and the right parts. First, disconnect the battery (see Pelican Technical Article: Porsche 911 Carrera Battery Replacement Trickle Charger Installation). The radio harness has constant voltage supplied to it, and you don't want to accidentally blow any fuses or damage any electrical components. Using the set of factory radio removal tools (available from Becker, part number BNA-1184-989), pull out the radio as detailed in Figure 2. On the back of the unit, there may be a few wire connectors and a smaller antenna connector. Remove the antenna connector by simply tugging on it.

In order to install your new radio, you will need some cable adapters for the Carrera's wiring harness. The adapters plug into the factory connectors and have leads on them that you can then connect to the leads or connector on your new radio. You can cut the OEM connector off and tap directly into the factory harness, but I strongly caution against this--it's best to use the adapter cables (cost about $20). I put some spade connectors on the ends of the harness adapter and the connector that plugged into my new radio. The kits I used for my 2000 Porsche were Metra brand, PN: 70-1787 (VW/Bose AMP Integration), and the Euro antenna adapter kit from Scosche, PN: VWA-KB (Volkswagen Antenna Adapter Kit). This antenna adapter kit contains two adapters so that you can use an aftermarket stereo and/or install an in-line FM modulator iPod interface (see below). These kit part numbers should be good for all of the Carreras through 2004. For 2005 and up models, check the radio you have in your car before you order the adapters.

In general, the most difficult part of installing a new radio is figuring out how to wire it. I've done all of the legwork for you here by putting together this handy wiring chart (1998-2004). The green connector and blue connector on the back of the radio are for the operation of the CD changer, if your car has one (mounted in the front trunk, see website for pinouts on those connectors).

 Color Purpose Connector and Pin
 Grey/Pink Speed dependent vol control Black Connector A: Pin 1
  Unused Black Connector A: Pin 2
 Yellow/Black Mute for telecom interface Black Connector A: Pin 3
 Red/Black (thick) Constant power 12v (Fuse D8) Black Connector A: Pin 4
 White Power antenna control Black Connector A: Pin 5
 Grey/Blue Illumination (headlamps on) Black Connector A: Pin 6
 Orange 12 volt switched power (Fuse E1) Black Connector A: Pin 7
 Brown (thick) Chassis ground Black Connector A: Pin 8
 Green Right rear speaker (positive) Brown Connector B: Pin 1
 Green/Black Right rear speaker (negative) Brown Connector B: Pin 2
 Red Right front speaker (positive) Brown Connector B: Pin 3
 Red/Brown Right front speaker (negative) Brown Connector B: Pin 4
 Yellow Left front speaker (positive) Brown Connector B: Pin 5
 Yellow/Brown Left front speaker (negative) Brown Connector B: Pin 6
 Violet Left rear speaker (positive) Brown Connector B: Pin 7
 Violet/Black Left rear speaker (negative) Brown Connector B: Pin 8
 Yellow/Red Left rear line output (positive) Yellow Connector C: Pin 1
 Red/Blue Right rear line output (positive) Yellow Connector C: Pin 2
 Brown/Blue Common audio ground Yellow Connector C: Pin 3
 Green/Red Left front line output (positive) Yellow Connector C: Pin 4
 Violet/Red Right front line output (positive Yellow Connector C: Pin 5
 Black/Red 12 volt switched power Yellow Connector C: Pin 6
 Blue CD changer - Bus On Green Connector C: Pin 7
 Red CD changer - Battery Green Connector C: Pin 8
 Black CD changer - Ground Green Connector C: Pin 9
 Green CD changer - Data Green Connector C: Pin 10
 Yellow CD changer - Clock Green Connector C: Pin 11
 Violet CD changer- Reset Green Connector C: Pin 12
 Blue/Green Telephone audio Blue Connector C: Pin 13
 Blue/Yellow Telephone audio common Blue Connector C: Pin 14
  Unused Blue Connector C: Pin 15
  Unused Blue Connector C: Pin 16
  Unused Blue Connector C: Pin 17
 Brown CD changer - Common audio ground Blue Connector C: Pin 18
 Yellow CD changer - Left Blue Connector C: Pin 19
 Red CD changer - Right Blue Connector C: Pin 20

If your car does not have an external amplifier, then the speakers for the Carrera will plug directly into the brown connector B on the back of the radio. If your Carrera has an external amplifier, then there will be a smaller yellow connector that outputs the signals from the head unit to the amplifier. If you have a factory amplifier installed, then you can simply adapt the signal from your new stereo into the leads on the yellow plug, as I have done with this stereo installation. If not, then you simply hook up the speaker leads from the new stereo to the adapter that plugs into the brown connector.

Wire your harness adapter together according to the wiring chart and the instructions included with your new radio. Plug the harness adapter into the factory connector, and then plug the harness into the back of the head unit and connect all of the spade connectors. On this particular head unit, I found that the antenna jack on the back of the unit was not compatible with the one in the factory harness, so I needed the antenna adapter mentioned previously. Plug the adapter into the back of the unit, and then you should be able to plug the antenna cable into the unit. With the new head unit wired up, reconnect the battery, and turn it on to test it. If all of the speakers, radio, and lights work, then install the radio bracket into the center dashboard. This is the bracket that comes with your new unit and typically has tabs that you bend into place once you position the bracket. When the bracket is secure, simply slide the radio into its spot on the center dashboard. Be careful though--most of these units are designed to be easy to install, but very difficult to remove, so make sure that everything works before inserting it into the dashboard.

The radio I chose to use for this project was a Pioneer head unit with a built-in CD player and iPod support. These types of head units allow you to plug your iPod into the stereo and then choose and select songs to play from the stereo itself. In addition, the stereo charges the iPod while it's playing. This arrangement is very cool, but I don't recommend it if you happen to have an iPhone. One of the coolest features of the iPhone is its ability to stream music from alternative sources like Pandora or SimplifyMedia. For iPhone users, I recommend the installation of an FM modulator interface that allows you to play music from the iPhone onto the stereo by emulating a radio station. Using this setup, you can listen to any music on the iPhone and/or any music that may be provided by a music service that streams music over the cell phone network. For example, using the DICE Electronics FM adapter installation detailed in Figure 3, I am able to listen to music streamed off of my home computer, through the cell phone network, and to the car, as I am driving. I'm sure the technology will change and get better as time passes, but this is the best that's available as of 2011.

Another way of playing through the stock radio with virtually no cost at all is by using the AUX input. The factory radio CDR-220 has the ability to take input from an external source. You can purchase a blue connector plug from Becker (PN: 1319.116-276) that will fit into the back of the radio and interface with your external source, or you can tap into the blue plug that is provided as part of the CD changer interface. Tap into and wire up your input source (iPod, etc.) using the three wires that exit out of the blue connector (pins 18, 19, 20). Then turn the radio on, and then hold down the TP button until the message BECKER 1 is displayed. Then turn the tuning knob until the message AUX OFF is displayed. Press the down arrow and change the message to AUX ON. Turn the radio off, and now you have auxiliary input enabled.

The little radio knobs on the stock radios are pretty terrible and often deteriorate with age. You can purchase new ones from Porsche (PN: 996-645-901-00) or check the for a tip about how to refurbish your old ones.

The Carrera alarm system has a small contact switch located to the left side of the radio compartment that detects removal of the radio. In order to prevent the alarm from repeatedly going off, you need to connect this wire (brown/blue) to ground.

Shown here are the adapter harnesses I used for this installation.
Figure 1

Shown here are the adapter harnesses I used for this installation. A: This harness emulates plug C on the radio and breaks the signal up into RCA jacks that you can plug into the back of your new head unit. Be sure to properly connect up the blue wire as well, which sends the signal to power up the amplifier. B: This plug is the main plug that supplies power to the radio. C: This is the antenna adapter for the back of the new radio. It converts the long tube-style plug into the smaller, European-style connector. D: This reverse antenna adapter is required along with the other one if you are using the iPod FM modulator interface. When connecting the harness adapters, I recommend using simple spade connectors to link the two together. In general, I do not recommend cutting wires in your car--it becomes very difficult to fix and/or restore the electrical system back to stock if anything goes wrong.

Use the radio removal keys (available direct from Becker and also supplied with the factory kit, green arrow) to pull out the radio by inserting them into the head unit and pulling on the two keys using two screwdrivers.
Figure 2

Use the radio removal keys (available direct from Becker and also supplied with the factory kit, green arrow) to pull out the radio by inserting them into the head unit and pulling on the two keys using two screwdrivers. The unit should slide right out. The keys release the spring-loaded locking mechanism on the side of the radio (yellow arrow).

Shown here is the new radio ready for installation into the car.
Figure 3

Shown here is the new radio ready for installation into the car. The yellow arrow shows the antenna adapter installed. The bracket is installed into the center dashboard (blue arrow), ready for the radio. The factory harness is connected to the adapter, and the connector for the radio is plugged into the back of the new head unit. It's normal to have one or two wires that are not used. In this photo, I plugged in all of the connections and then turned on the ignition to test the proper operation of the radio. I recommend testing prior to the final installation, as these radios are designed to be difficult to remove. New buttons for your stock radio are easy to install--simply pull them off and push on the new ones (inset, lower right). The green arrow shows the alarm radio detection switch, which must be grounded when installing a new unit.

This photo array shows the installation of the DICE universal iPod adapter.
Figure 4

This photo array shows the installation of the DICE universal iPod adapter. A: Here is the FM modulator kit as it comes out of the box. You also need the Scosche VWAKB antenna adapter set (shown in the upper right) to work with the factory radio and its European connectors. B: Mount the DICE unit with double-sided sticky tape. C: Mount it on the underside of the center console and give yourself enough room to access the connectors (yellow arrow). D: Use three tap-in connectors to connect the unit to the 12V supply, the ignition 12V switched supply, and the ground. Plug in the antenna adapters and the inline antenna cable. E: Drill a hole in the back of the storage compartment and route the cable through. F: Test the system and then reinstall the stereo. Although there are many different iPod adapter units available on the market, this particular one has the ability to display the iPod song and artist on the radio through the FM-RDS protocol. I tested the unit and compared the sound quality to the CD inputâÂÂÂÂÂÂ"it was indistinguishable. The only small drawback appears to be that the volume level of the iPod interface is a bit lower than simply playing CDs.

Comments and Suggestions:
Mik Comments: Hi there.
I have an '06 C4S and recently had a huge leak that collected water under the driver's seat and knackered the unit under there and now have an amplifier/radio/cd/nav not available message on my PCM screen.

The repair shop removed it for me and it is a Becker Model BE6666. I have searched everywhere online but cannot find ANYTHING relating to this and my local Porsche dealer is being an arse about giving me info unless I bring the car in. It's an 80-mile round-trip!
Do you have any idea what this unit is and how I can replace it?
November 4, 2017
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: What part location are you trying to find? the one the shop removed? - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Charlie Comments: I have a 2004 Porsche C4S Comvertible, it has a Bose fiber optic amplifier,
Before ordering the parts I am looking for an schematic of the wiring to make sure I order the corrrect adapters. I am trying to keep The Bose Amplifier. HELP?
August 13, 2017
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: I don’t have that info.

I would suggest you grab a repair manual, you should own one. It will have the wiring.

Give our parts specialists a call at 1-888-280-7799.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
Steven Comments: I have an 01 996 Carrera Cabriolet. I would like to upgrade my PCM1 system non-Bosewith a Kenwood Apple Play power head and I have been told that the amp needs to be replaced as well. Did Porsche use fiber optics on 01's and is that the reason? Is there an alternative inexpensive solution?
July 10, 2017
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Your vehicle does not have fiber. I am not sure of the reasoning. The radio manufacturer would know best. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Billup Comments: I installed an Alpine headunit in my 2000 Carrera on base sound system, car won't turn over now but gets complete power. What am I missing that's causing the immobilizer to now allow the car to turn over now? I've read capping off or grounding the blue/brown wire, is this a true statement?
May 8, 2017
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Check if the alarm fuse is blown. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Robert Comments: My 2002 996 has the Bose amplifier. I'm getting a new stereo put in, and one place is saying I need a "4-Channel Line Output Converter" i.e., a PAC LP5-4 in order to continue using the amplifier...whereas another place is saying I do not, since the new stereo Pioneer MVH-X580BS will have 6 RCA preamp outputs on the back. Can you help clarify if I really need that converter or not??
April 18, 2017
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: I am not the best with stereo upgrades. I would say contact the adapter manufacturer, they will give you the right answer. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Chris Comments: I installed a pioneer 4200NEX and it works great, but i get a engine RPM-related static whistling/humming from the speakers at higher RPMs.
Any idea what could be causing it and how i could fix it?

I checked the contacts and everything should be getting grounded properly.
FWIW, I have 02 996tt with bose sound system and the factory amp, but no yellow plug. I modified the harness to connect the stereo line out-speaker cables on the porsche plug + blue/white cable to antenna to power up the amp.
I do get sound and it sounds great other than the static at higher engine RPMs.
March 8, 2017
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Is the noise present when using the radio or also when using CD or aux? If so, check the ground for the receiver. if only from antenna for fm, you may be able to solve it using a suppressor. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
radfordhooper Comments: I have a 2001 C4 and have changed my stock Becker radio/cassette +CD changer over to a 2-DIN set up that has multiple inputs. Question is: Can I get a remote controller to work the CD-3 changer under the hood? clearly I can wire in the speakers and power but how can you signal/control the disc and track selection?
March 4, 2017
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Not sure if you can get it work. I opened a post in our forums. A Pelican community member may be able to answer your question.
- Nick at Pelican Parts
DIY Novice Comments: Bought a Kenwood KMM-BT515HD to replace the CDR23 in my '04 996. Bought the Metra adapter 70-1784 and the adapter fit the original wiring hook ups no problem, but the wiring was all wrong to mate with my new radio. I pulled all of the plugs and rewired the adapter using the connector pin descriptions above. There is no orange wire on the original wiring going to A7 for me to mate with. I mated tried mating both the 12v ignition wire to the a$ pin and the yellow 12v battery/memory to the A4 pin but still get no power to the new radio. Any suggestions? When I plug in the original radio, it powers up just fine. Thanks -
February 4, 2017
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Not sure. I am not familiar with the adapter. Best bet is to use the adapter and vehicle wiring to come up with a solution. It is possible the adapter is the wrong one or was manufacturer incorrectly. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Chris Comments: hey guys I have a 99 996 cabriolet. It has the dual din with the 220 on top and the multi disk player below. Do I need 4 removal tool to get this out of the dash? Not swapping stereos just getting the number to get the unlock code after a battery disconnect. Thanks in advance!
September 1, 2016
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: I don't believe so. Can you share a photo of your radio? - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Richard Comments: "A: This harness emulates plug C on the radio and breaks the signal up into RCA jacks that you can plug into the back of your new head unit. Be sure to properly connect up the blue wire as well, which sends the signal to power up the amplifier." Where exactly the blue wire should connect to?

I have a 2002 996 C2 with the non-Bose amp and I am wanting to hook up a Blaupunkt Brisbane 230.

Can I plug the Porsche stock 8-pin "A" connector into the Blaupunkt Brisbane or do I need a harness adapter for that also?
June 30, 2016
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: You will need an adapter. The adapter should come with instructions on how to wire it. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
crash test dummy Comments: I may of made an error but couldn't get this wiring diagram to work with a 2002 911. In the pictures, it looks like the only speaker wires yellow connector C hooked up are the preamp outputs for the left/right front and left/right rear.

I have the Bose system with amplifier and CD changer. If I hooked up the wiring that way, there is no sound. The preamp outputs do not work for me. The only way I found that I could get sound is to directly hook the stereo receiver harness wires directly to the speakers brown connector B. Also, I had to get the 70-1784 wire harness because the 70-1787 does not have wires for the rear speakers.

I also connected the blue-white wire to the the Pioneer stereo's blue wire system remote control and then the speakers worked. Not sure if that is the right hook up though. Haha.

Is there something that is needed to make the preamp outputs work?
January 31, 2016
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: The amplifier has to be powered on for the speakers to work. Double check the ignition feed to the amp. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Meekmj Comments: Thanks on answering my last question new question
I found a 996 front turbo bumper in really good shape for a great price is there a way to have it cut to shape to fit on my car it's 2000 I know turbos are 02 and up so different head lights
August 21, 2015
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: I am sure a body shape could make it work with other modifications. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
Meekmj Comments: I have a 2000 porsche 911
And I wanted to install a appradio pioneer sph-da02
So when I took out the stock becker radio, to put in the pioneer
I seen that the oem harness fits perfect in to the pioneer head unit
And works perfect too from what I can tell, so should I connect it using the wire harness I bought, or just use the oem harness since it's as if it was made for the pioneer head unit
August 20, 2015
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: if it works, it works. However, I would double check that the connector for the radio matches up. COmpare the pins on the adapter to the factory plug to be sure nothing gets moved, if nothing moves, you should be good. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
audio guy Comments: Recently installed a blaupunkt navigation unit in a 2000 911 with factory amp, everything works fine using the rcas for signal but one of the speakers front right or passenger is getting feedback . Any ideas on what that could be.
May 28, 2015
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Just one speaker? Could be a loose wire to short to that speaker. - Nick at Pelican Parts  
JRam Comments: "A: This harness emulates plug C on the radio and breaks the signal up into RCA jacks that you can plug into the back of your new head unit. Be sure to properly connect up the blue wire as well, which sends the signal to power up the amplifier." Where exactly the blue wire should connect to?
January 28, 2015
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: What year make and model are you working on? What type of head unit are you installing? Typically your aftermarket head unit instruction booklet should have a section relating to the connections to the unit. That blue wire will connect to what is most commonly labeled “remote turn on,” and will likely direct you to connect to the amplifier. If you let me know which vehicle and head unit you are installing I can be more specific. - Casey at Pelican Parts  
jim Comments: Just installed a Pioneer 6000 NEX into my 2004 C4S with Tiptronic. The radio is complaining that the Brake indicator is not properly connected.

The Pioneer presents the following:

Used to detect the ON/OFF status of the parking brake. This lead must be connected to the power supply
side of the parking brake switch.

Where would I find this connection ??
December 2, 2014
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: The switch at the parking brake lever. Should be a simple one wire grounding switch / toggle or pin.- Nick at Pelican Parts  
Don Comments: I own a 03 C4S with the Bose audio system without the CD changer. I've order the adapter harnesses from this article and everything fits as advertised. I have two black wires off the back of the head unit, to the sub-woofer, as best I can tell. The connector is a for a coaxial wire, MOST system?? Is there an adapter to go from an RCA connector on the back to my new head unit to the MOST connector for the sub-woofer? Where can I find one? TIA.
October 2, 2014
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: MOST is not coaxial. Could e an antenna. I haven't replaced a factory with an aftermarket radio on a 911.

- Nick at Pelican Parts
Bradley Comments: I have a 2001 Boxster-S with a CDR220 radio. I purchased a Metra brand, PN: 70-1787 adapter kit for wiring as detailed in my 101 Projects book. However the YELLOW smaller plug from the CDR radio does not mate with the Metra adapter. The Black plug seems to be a direct fit. Any ideas?
May 28, 2014
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: I don't know. You'll have to check with Metra. - Nick at Pelican Parts  

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