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Mercedes-Benz ML-Class W163 (1998-2003) Technical Articles

  ML320 (1998-2003)

Welcome to our Mercedes-Benz Technical Articles section. We've gathered a vast collection of useful articles to help you perform many repairs and upgrades on your Mercedes-Benz. Save money by doing your own work and perform the repairs using the information we've provided here. Can't find what you're looking for? Try our Search Engine at the top of the page, or hop over to one of our Technical Bulletin Boards - focusing on repairs for all Mercedes-Benz! If you'd like to support the site and submit your own Technical Article, contact us here!

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 Basics & Essentials
Oil Change
Whether you follow Mercedes recommended interval or like to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Use this tech article to learn how to do the most common task to do on your ML320.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Air Filter Replacement
New to working on your car? Not sure where the air filter is? Check out this simple article.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Replacing Your Air Pump
Trouble passing a SMOG test? Replace your air pump.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Replacing Your Belt Tensioner
Drive belts need the right tension to work correctly. Make sure your cars belt is operating properly with a new belt tensioner.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Replacing Your Breather Hoses
Replace your crankshaft breather hoses with the help of this article.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Replacing Your Change Over Valve
Check your change over valve if you’re a re having problems with your emission tests.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Replacing Your Valve Cover Breather Gaskets
Mercedes valve cover breather gaskets have a nasty habit of leaking oil all over the top of your engine. Fix the problem with the help of this article.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Spark Plugs and Coils
Changing your spark plugs and coils are an important part of maintenance on your car.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Fixing Your Air Pump Check Valves
Air pump check valves can cause your car to fail a SMOG test. Change them out with the help of this article.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Oil Level Sensor Replacement
Need a new oil level sender? This article will walk you through the process.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Camshaft Positioning Sensor
Rough running engine? Check your camshaft positioning sensor.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Crankshaft Positioning Sensor Replacement
A faulty crankshaft positioning sensor can cause your car to run rough or even not start. Replace it with help from this article.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Idler Pulley Replacement
Get rid of that squealing idler pulley by replacing it with a new one. This article will show you how.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Replacing Your Poly V-Belt
Worn drive belts. Here's some short instructions on this very basic of maintenance tasks.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Timing Chain Tensioner Replacement
Starting to hear chain slap or noises? Change out your tensioner before you suffer catastrophic engine damage.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
Got a small oil leak coming from the valve cover or spark plug tubes? Here's how to fix the leak.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
 Fuel Injection
Fuel Filter Replacement
Keep your car running strong with a new fuel filter.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Fuel Pump Replacement
Keep your motor running with a new fuel pump.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Fuel Injector Replacement
Fuel injectors wear out, leak and fail. Part of your regular maintenance should involve replacing them.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Oxygen Sensor Replacement
Rough running engine? Check your error codes for your O2 sensors.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
MAF Sensor Replacement
Changing the ML320 MAF sensor is literally a snap with our handy replacement guide.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
 Water Cooling System
Auxiliary Coolant Pump Replacement
Noises from your auxiliary coolant pump. Learn how to change it out here.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Coolant Level Sensor Replacement
Getting funky readings on your coolant level? Change out the level sensor with the help of this article.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Water Pump Replacement
Yikes! Leaking water pump? No problem replacing it with these step by step instructions.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement
Check your water temperature sensor before replacing the thermostat.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Radiator Hose Replacement
Radiator hoses get old, brittle, and leak. Keep everything running cool by changing them out.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
Thermostat Replacement
Car taking a long time to warm up or running too hot? Chances are you need a new thermostat.
     Applies to: ML320 (1998-2003)
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