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Engine Cover Removal

Pelican Technical Article:

Engine Cover Removal

Jared Fenton


5 min






10mm socket

Applicable Models:

Audi A6 (1997-04)
Audi A6 Quattro (1997-04)

Parts Required:

Engine Cover

Hot Tip:

Clean engine cover once removed

Performance Gain:

Access to everything below the engine cover

Complementary Modification:

Replace spark plugs

One nice visual element of the A6 is when you open the hood and see a nice clean engine compartment with a stylized cover. While the cover looks nice, it has to be removed for most maintenance procedures and projects in the engine bay.

Begin by opening the hood and locating the cover on top of the engine. Pull the dipstick out of its holder and set it aside. Now loosen and remove the 10mm nut at the rear of the cover. Simply pull up on the cover to release it from the engine.

Remember your car may have been serviced before and parts replaced with different size fasteners used in the replacement. The sizes of the nuts and bolts we give may be different from what you have so be prepared with different size sockets and wrenches.

Protect your eyes, hands and body from fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle. If working with the electrical system, disconnect the battery before beginning. Always catch fluids in appropriate containers and properly dispose of any fluid waste. Recycle parts, packaging and fluids when possible. Never work on your vehicle if you feel the task is beyond your ability.

Our vehicle may vary slightly from yours as models do change and evolve as they grow older. If something seems different, let us know and share your info to help other users. Questions or want to add to the article? Leave a comment below. When leaving a comment, please leave your vehicle information.

Pull the dipstick (green arrow) out of the engine and set it aside.
Figure 1

Pull the dipstick (green arrow) out of the engine and set it aside. Loosen and remove the 10mm nut (yellow arrow) at the rear of the cover. 

Now simply pull the cover up and off the engine.
Figure 2

Now simply pull the cover up and off the engine.

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