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Pelican Technical Article:

944 2nd Taillight

Michael Van Bibber


2-3 hours






Wire cutters and wire crimping tool, flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, metric socket set and metric wrench set

Applicable Models:

Porsche 944 (1983-89)
Porsche 944 S2 (1989-91)
Porsche 944 Turbo (1986-89)
Porsche 944S (1987-88)

Parts Required:

Taillight bulbs (2) (p.n. GE R10W), quick splice connectors (2), wire (2, each 6 inches long), bulb holders (2) and female spade connectors (2) or soldering iron, solder, & hose clamps (2)

Performance Gain:

Brighter taillights

Complementary Modification:

Replace your headlights
I wrote this piece after dropping $15 on a “Second tail light” kit. After looking at the kit, and reading the instructions, I realized that anybody could do this for the whopping sum of about $5.

You need the following:

2 x tail light bulbs (GE R10W) - $2.99 at any auto parts store
2 x quick splice connectors
2 x pieces of wire, about 6 inches long

You will also need the following:

2 x bulb holders (Porsche does not sell them as a separate unit – I got mine from a 924 that was sitting in the junk yard – you may also try popping one from the tail light assembly and trying at an auto parts store.
2 x female spade connectors

Soldering Iron
2 x hose clamps

Installation: Same for each side

1.    Disconnect the wires from the tail light assembly.

2.    Unscrew the cover, remove the metal plate with the light bulbs from the cover.

3.    You now have a metal plate with 4 light bulbs on it. Using the drivers side as an example, looking from left to right, the bulbs are as follows: (obviously, reverse for passenger side)

Lower left: Tail light
Upper Left: Turn Signal
Upper Center: Backup Light
Right, centered on the plate: Brake Light

4.    The empty socket below the backup light is where the second tail light will go.

5.    If you were able to get a couple of bulb holders, snap one in the empty socket

6.    Attach the female spade connector to one side of the wire, connect this to the bulb holder

7.    Using the quick splice connector, splice your new wire to the tail light wire (Black and white striped).

8.    Reassemble tail light assembly

9.    Repeat for other side

If you could not get a bulb holder:

1.    Strip one end of your wire, solder to the bottom of the bulb (be extremely careful you do not overheat the bulb and have it burst on you – follow safe soldering procedures)

2.    Take your hose clamp and place it around the metal ears on the empty socket.

3.    Feed the light bulb through the empty socket, making sure the little pins on the light bulb rest on the metal ears.

4.    GENTLY tighten the hose clamp, just tight enough so the bulb is snug in the socket.

5.    Splice the other end of the wire to the tail light wire using the quick connector.

Michael Van Bibber (AFJuvat)

Comments and Suggestions:
Mr. Badwrench Comments: Hi, I did this on my 944 turbo, except that I bought a socket or bulb holder as the author says for a dual filament bulb for each side. I replaced the brake light socket with the dual filament socket and repositioned the original brake light socket into the empty hole in the metal bracket. Now, my car is MUCH more visible from the rear at night! It has approximately 4 times the lit area when the marker lights are on.
September 1, 2010
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the additional info. We appreciate it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts

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