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Installing a 914 Hood Crest

Pelican Technical Article:

Installing a 914 Hood Crest


1-2 hours






Electric drill, two drill bits, punch, hood crest mounting template (provided in article - print it out), Adobe Acrobat Reader (on your computer), touch up paint

Applicable Models:

Porsche 914 (1970-76)

Parts Required:

Pelican Parts hood crest kit

Performance Gain:

Your 914's nose will look much better with a new 911 badge

Complementary Modification:

Detail your 914

There wasn't a 914 that shipped from the factory with a Porsche Hood crest installed on its hood.  Some people, including myself, see this as an injustice to a great car.  One of the first things that I did when I got my 914 was install a 911 hood crest on the front.  The process was very easy, but I made sure that I did it correctly, since I didn't want to screw up my hood.

     There are basically two types of crests.  The later type of crest is shown in Figure 1.  This photo was taken of the crest on a 96 911 Turbo.  The 'PORSCHE' lettering at the top is black.  My car is shown in Figure 2, with the crest attached to the hood.  The HEIGHT of the crest may vary according to the tastes of the owner.  Another crest is shown on a 914 in Figure 3.  This one is mounted lower than the one on my car.  Figure 4shows a close-up of this particular crest.

     The mounting of the crest is a relatively easy process.   All you need to do is drill two holes in your hood and attach the crest and the seal that goes under it to the hood.  This mounting kit is shown in Figure 5.  The difficult part, of course is getting the holes aligned.  That is why I made a Hood Crest Mounting Templatefor use with mounting the 914 crest.

     The first step is to get the Hood Crest Kit.  The kit includes the crest, the seal that goes underneath the crest, and two mounting clips.   Pelican Parts has very competitive prices on this kit and other parts for your 914.   To find out the current price of the 914 Hood Crest Kit, please see the Exterior Trim section in our 914 On-line Catalog.

     The next step is to print out the template on your computer printer.  Figure 6shows the template that you need to print.  In order to view the template, you need the Adobe Acrobat Readerwhich is available free from  The template shows the outline of the crest, and the two mounting holes, as well as vertical and horizontal lines for alignment.   Measure the hood across to find the vertical centerline of the hood.  The hood is approximately 32 and 5/8" wide from the edge of each headlamp.  The midpoint of the hood should therefore be 16 and 5/16" from each edge of the headlamps.   Find the midpoint across the top of the headlamp buckets, and also across the bottom, and use a piece of masking tape to indicate the vertical midpoint line.  Once you have measured and identified the vertical midpoint line, then place the template on top of the hood and figure out exactly how high up on the hood that you want the crest to be.  Once you have done that, then tape the template down, and carefully drill out the two holes for mounting the crest.  Make sure that you center-punch the holes first so that your drill doesn't slide out and scratch your hood.  Start with smaller sized drill bits and work your way up to the full size.  The posts on the crest that attach it to the hood are not completely parallel to each other.  Therefore, you will need slightly oversized holes drilled in order to mount the crest properly.  Don't try and bend the posts or they might break off.  You should also paint the inside of the holes with a little touch-up paint to avoid having them rust.

     After you have the two holes drilled, then simply place the crest on the hood with the seal underneath.  Make sure that the seal seats properly around the crest.  Then attach the crest from the opposite side with the twist-on clips.  These are self-tapping clips that will cut a spiral groove in the crest posts as you twist them on.  Becareful not to mess this step up, as the crest can be only taken on an off a certain amount of times before the posts wear out.

     Well, that's really all there is to it.  Remember that your repeated support and purchases help to continue the development of technical articles like this on.  Please be sure to email usif you have any questions, or if you need anything for your car.

Figure 1

Hoot Crest Close-Up

Figure 2

Hood Crest on Wayne's 914

Figure 3

Hood Crest on 914

Figure 4

Hood Crest Close-Up

Figure 5

Hood Crest Kit

Comments and Suggestions:
Julio Comments: Hi,
Interesting and useful article,
I have a 911 SC and just bought the rear 911 SC emblem from Pelican, is there a template a a procedure to put it in place, my rear hood looks repaired and there is no sign of the holes.
Thank you
April 11, 2015
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: No template I know of. Might have to visit a Porsche shop, they might have a good idea of where it goes. - Nick at Pelican Parts  

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