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911 Racing Harness Installation

Pelican Technical Article:

911 Racing Harness Installation

Grego Gulik

Applicable Models:

Porsche 911 (1965-89)
Porsche 912 (1965-69)
Porsche 930 Turbo (1976-89)

Sabelt 6-Point Harness Installation

I am not responsible for any problems you experience as a result of trying to do anything described here. The hack documented here worked fine for me but may not work for you far any number of reasons.

The method of attaching the shoulder belt may not be acceptable for your PCA region. I know it's ok with the Chicago PCA region for Drivers Ed events, but not for Club Racing. The better way of attaching the shoulder belts is to use longer belts and attach them to the rear seat seatbelt bolts.

Please note that I have since installed a DAS bolt-in rollbar to use instead of the harness bar.

I purchased a Brey-Krause harness bar and set of belts from a local Porsche racing supply shop called Northstar Motorsports. The harness is probably the first thing you should install in your car if you plan to do drivers ed events. Safety is very important, but I find the harness helps keep me firmly planted in the seat as I'm flying around the turns.

I have a similar harness already installed in my Boxster. I've always wanted a Hotlap system, and now that I have a harness bar, I have someplace to mount it!

Click on thumbnail to view full-size image

The Brey-Krause harness bar went in pretty easily.

The Sabelt shoulder belts simply wrap around the bar. See the warning at the top of this page.

The Hotlap receiver mounts perfectly on the harness bar using some huge zip ties.

I replaced the outboard seatbelt bolt with this eye-bolt.

The outboard lap belt now clips on easily.

I ended up having Fischer Motors put in these eye-bolts on both sides to connect the inboard submarine belt.

This is how it looks with the sub belt attached and the floor matts back in.

I had to permanently attach the inboard lap belt using the existing bolt.

The seat will still slide allt he way forward as long as I fold back the belt.

The outboard sub belt attaches to the same eye-bolt as the lap belt.

Here is how it looks all done.

I put some racer's tape around the harness bar to keep the camera mount from scratching.

All that's left now is to adjust the length of the belts to make them comfortable and enjoy!!

Please send any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. to me at

E. J. Feulner III ( adds:

After reading through the new additions, I was interested to read the harness and harness bar install article. I of course was surprised to see that the person who wrote this recommended mounting the harnesses to the harness bar. The Brey Krause harness bar is a guide bar only and Brey Krause says emphatically that the 'harness guide bar is not made to mount the harnesses'. In fact, this is why Brey Krause made the harness truss - a much stronger piece that is designed to take the load.

Wayne adds:

Greg hints that this is not the safest method of attaching the harness.  Make sure that you read all manufacturers instructions and mount the belts according to how they recommend.  There are hundreds of ways to mount a harness, depending upon the belt, and the bar support.  Research the combinations carefully, as you would hate to make a mistake.

    Help support this site and all these technical articles! 

Comments and Suggestions:
RRP Comments: It is correct that the belts should not be attached to this particular harness guide, but rather pass though and be bolted to the rear seat belt mounting points. The guide acts to keep the belts from slipping off the shoulder and also to position the belt at the proper height behind the driver.

In professional racing sub belts are routinely mounted coming from behind such that they run down through the crotch and under the drivers'legs 6 point. This gives the most protection from pelvis forward motion since it is literally being held back.

Sabelt instructions and Schroth instructions suggest up to 20 degrees rearward on the sub belts. Willans Harness suggests more than that.
October 30, 2009
  Followup from the Pelican Staff:
Thanks for the additional info. We appreciate it. - Nick at Pelican Parts
egertk Comments: Competition harnesses should never be used with an integrated headrest type seat such as the seat pictured in this 911. The design of the seat can allow for the shoulder harnesses to slip off the drivers shoulders and cause greater injury in the event of a crash. Also the sub belt should only come from directly below, not from in front or behind, this could cause slack in that belt allowing the person to submarine and their lap belt would instead act on their stomach rather than their hip bones.
June 11, 2009
  Followup from the Pelican Staff: Thanks for the additional Info. We appreciate it.
- Nick at Pelican Parts

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