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Pelican Parts Photo Gallery

We love cars here at Pelican.  Wayne Dempsey (one of the Pelican founders) brings his trusty digital camera to each and every event he attends so that he can document here for your enjoyment!  We're very proud of our photo gallery - we hope you enjoy it too!  Over 200,000 pictures and growing every month!!!

Pelican Parts Coffee and Cars November 2017
Coffee and Cars with Pelican - November 2017

The fall edition of our Coffee & Cars did not disappoint! With a new Ford GT, Porsche factory driver Patrick Long (in the latest LuftAuto) and a host of adoptable pups from the Wagging Dog rescue it was impossible to not have a smile on your face this morning! more...  

SEMA 2017  
SEMA 2017

Barnum & Bailey has nothing on the annual SEMA show- with everything from restomods to rally cars this automotive extravaganza literally has everything you can imagine under one roof. Take a look at this gallery showcasing some of the highlights of 2017! more...    

PCA Los Angeles Concours 2017
PCA Los Angeles Concours - September 2017

This year’s PCA-LA Concours at the Santa Monica Museum of Flying in Southern California featured plenty of Porsches and historic airplanes on display along with a nice variety of vendors! more...  

SoCal Euro 2017  
SoCal Euro 2017 - August 2017

Why choose just one marque? This year's SoCal Euro Gathering at Qualcomm stadium featured some of the coolest modified rides from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and Porsche as well as a vendor row and drag strip! more...    

Coffee and Cars with Pelican Parts August 2017
Coffee & Cars with Pelican - August 2017

One of our largest turnouts of the year included the Rod Emory restored "Straight Outta Compton" 356, the debut of a fantastic concours-quality E-type, a Ferrari F40 and even a 964 RSR! more...  

Werks Reunion 2017  
Werks Reunion 2017

Thanks to the Porsche Club of America we have a fantastic gallery of the Werks Reunion held at the Corral de Tierra Country Club during Monterey Car Week. Check it out! more...  

Coffee & Cars with Pelican May 2017 Photo Gallery
Coffee & Cars with Pelican - May 2017

Another solid turnout for the Spring edition of Coffee & Cars with Pelican! With Wayne's new Ferret Scout and a Mercedes that was turning over 500,000 miles that morning there was something for everyone!  more...  

California Bimmerfest 2017  
California Bimmerfest - June 2017

Bimmerfest was back at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana this year with a huge turnout of some of the rarest and most modified BMW's in the world. What an amazing display!  more...  

Luftgekuhlt 2017 Photo Gallery
Luftgekühlt – 2017

From the very first Porsche Le Mans winner to Singer's latest, the fourth Luftgekühlt event was an amazing celebration of everything we love about air-cooled Porsches.  more...  

California Festival of Speed 2017  
California Festival of Speed - April 2017

It was great seeing the huge turnout at this years 16th Annual California Festival of Speed- we had a blast hanging out on vendor row and chatting with everyone who stopped by the Pelican booth!   more...  

Coffee and Cars with Pelican, February 2017
Coffee & Cars with Pelican – February 2017

We kicked off our first meeting of the year with a surprise- IndyCar driver Graham Rahal brought out his uniquely colored 911R and 918!   more...  

Pelican Parts Open House - L.A. Lit Show and Swap Meet 2017  
Pelican Open House / Lit Show & Swap Meet 2017

In conjunction with the Los Angeles Lit Show and Swap Meet we opened our doors to the biggest Porsche fans from around the world this year. Everyone enjoyed their SoCal street tacos while Wayne treated the crowd to a few startups, including the Yokohama 962 and RSR Tribute!   more...  

Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles
Coffee & Cars with Pelican – November 2016

Another fantastic turnout for our last meet of the year! It was great to see the Luftgekühlt build make another appearance, along with our 962-106b 'LiquiMoly' Porsche and Magnus Walker, Rod Emory, our own Wayne Dempsey and Nicolas Hunziker all hanging out with some of the nicest rides (and people) in SoCal!    more...  

Porsche Palooza – 2016

Every year Porschephiles roll into Northwest Arkansas for a weekend of driving tours filled with beautiful fall foliage, dinners, tech sessions and a whole lot of enthusiast camaraderie.    more...  

Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles
Porsche Experience Center Opening – 2016

We're beyond thrilled that the latest Porsche Experience Center has opened less than ten minutes from Pelican headquarters! From a treasure trove of famous racecars in the lobby to the replica of the famous Nürburgring Carousel this facility has it all!   more...  

SEMA – 2016

Every year thousands of automotive companies converge on over a million-square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center and display every possible combination of custom car that you can dream up. This show truly has it all!   more...  

Orange County California Auto Show 2016
Orange County International Auto Show – 2016

With over 600 of the newest cars, trucks and SUV's the annual Orange Country Auto Show certainly did not disappoint- even the elusive 911R made an appearance!   more...  

SoCal Euro Meet 2016  
Big SoCal Euro Gathering – 2016

Why choose just one marque? This year's SoCal Euro Gathering at Qualcomm stadium featured some of the coolest modified rides from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW and Porsche as well as a vendor row and drag strip! more...  

Monterey Car Week 2016
Monterey Car Week – 2016

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Rolex Motorsport Reunion, numerous enthusiast gatherings and the famous car auctions all take place once a year within a week’s period in Monterey, California. Come take a look at our Car Week photo gallery!!    more...  

Coffee Cars August 2016  
Coffee & Cars with Pelican, August – 2016

Our latest installment of Coffee & Cars featured the return of Wayne's 190SL, a fantastic Le Mans-raced RSR and hundreds of pampered enthusiast cars from around Southern California.   more...  

Bimmerfest 2016
Bimmerfest – 2016

Pelican Parts hosted the Heritage Corral at this year’s Bimmerfest at Auto Club Speedway in southern California. Check out our photo gallery from the two-day event and we’ll see you at next year’s meet!   more...  

Cinco de Benzo May 2016  
Cinco de Benzo – 2016

The Mercedes-Benz vehicle preparation center in Long Beach, California, served as a perfect venue for AMG SoCal Lounge’s Cinco de Benzo meet where classics, as well as the latest AMG machines, were on display.   more...  

Coffee and Cars with Pelican, April 2016
Coffee & Cars with Pelican, April - 2016

Our largest meet yet featuring a wide variety of makes and vintages from Porsche to Saab and Ford to Pontiac including the latest GT-R on back to a mean looking Skyline.  more...  

Luftgekhult 2016  
Luftgekühlt – 2016

The 3rd edition of this outstanding air-cooled Porsche event featured the first-ever Luft project car with parts and tech support from Pelican Parts! The LUFTAUTO was auctioned live at Modernica, in Los Angeles, as hundreds of enthusiasts roamed row upon row of beautiful Porsches..  more...  

LA Lit Show and Swap Meet 2016
L.A. Lit Show & SoCal All-Porsche Swap

The 33rd edition of the L.A. Lit Show was another huge hit and the Pelican Team was on-hand meeting and greeting Porsche enthusiasts from all over the world! Sunday rain cleared to bright blue skies for an enjoyable Swap where Pelican displayed the latest Porsche accessories.  more...  

Pelican Parts Coffee and Cars 2016  
Coffee & Cars with Pelican, January - 2016

Over 500 cars were on display from exotics to early classics and everything in between highlighted by the last Brumos 935, BBi's Pikes Peak winner and a tribute 935!   more...  

Bimmerfest 2015
SEMA Show – 2015

Over 2,000 New Products and 2,300 exhibiting companies filling over a million square feet - this show is immense. Great to see fellow Pelicans roaming the show too!  more...  

TRE Hangover Run 2016  
TRE Motorsports New Year’s Day Run – 2016

One of these years we’ll make the entire run but it’s always great to catch-up in the early morning with friends at TRE for their annual Hangover Run.  more...  

Bimmerfest 2015
Petersen Oktoberfest Cruise-In – 2015

As the Petersen Museum readies for its grand reopening, Sunday Cruise-In events are back! Check out pictures from the Oktoberfest meet.  more...  

SoCal BMW Meet - 2015  
SoCal Vintage BMW Meet – 2015

This was the Eighth Annual Southern California Vintage BMW meet and it featured classic after classic, all within a park setting. Check out our coverage in pictures!  more...  

Bimmerfest 2015
Rennsport Reunion V - 2015

Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion is the most impressive assembly of Porsche heritage anywhere in the world. Pelican took over 2,000 photos of rare race cars, track action and giant PCA corrals. Check out Rennsport Reunion in pictures!  more...  

Coffee and Cars with Pelican, October 2015  
Coffee & Cars with Pelican, October - 2015

Over 450 cars, raffle prizes, free Starbucks samples and a Porsche 962 drive-by and display – what could be better! Come see pictures from our October Coffee & Cars!  more...  

Bimmerfest 2015
Werks Reunion  – 2015

Porsche Club of America held its 2nd Annual Werks Reunion in the gorgeous Carmel Valley under sunny California skies. This is the premier Porsche gathering and includes early air-cooled cars right up to the stunning 918 Spyder with several jaw-dropping hot rod builds too!   more...  

Monterey Car Week 2015  
Monterey Car Week - 2015

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Rolex Motorsport Reunion, numerous enthusiast gatherings and the famous car auctions all take place once a year within a week’s period in Monterey, California. Come take a look at our Car Week photo gallery!!  more...  

Bimmerfest 2015
Bimmerfest – 2015

The Rose Bowl was nice but Bimmerfest West moves to a larger venue, Auto Club Speedway, and we must say, this year’s event was a huge success! Check out photos from the show and Pelican’s own BMW Heritage Corral!   more...  

South Bay Coffee & Cars 2015  
Coffee & Cars with Pelican, July – 2015

Our Coffee & Cars gathering is growing fast! Where else in Southern California can you get an up close look at Germany’s finest, rare Japanese imports, British Classics and mighty American muscle cars all in one open setting! Don’t forget to attend our next event!  more...  

Luftgekhult 2015
California Festival of Speed – 2015

This year’s Festival of Speed featured racing, auto-x, a concours, packed vendor row, killer food trucks, tons of Porsches and a great showing from other makes too!   more...  

South Bay Coffee & Cars 2015  
Coffee & Cars with Pelican, April – 2015

Over 250 cars, multiple makes, great people and good fun!  Our second southern California Coffee & Cars event was a huge success and the facility at the Promenade on the Peninsula is perfect!  See you this summer!  more...  

Luftgekhult 2015
Luftgekühlt - 2015

The 2nd edition of Luftgekühlt was a dream come true for Porsche air-cooled enthusiasts! Set against the arts district in Culver City, California, Luft2 featured outstanding examples of classic Porsches.   more...  

South Bay Coffee & Cars 2015  
LA Lit Show & All-Porsche Swap – 2015

The Pelican Team was on hand at Saturday’s Lit & Toy Show as well as Sunday’s All-Porsche Swap Meet. Attendance must have been a new record for both events!  more...  

SEMA Show Gallery 2014
TRE Motorsports New Year’s Day Run – 2015

Some call it the Hangover Rally but there was plenty of early-morning energy and a plethora of pretty cars at the first event on the 2015 calendar, here in Southern California.   more...  

South Bay Coffee & Cars 2015  
Coffee & Cars with Pelican, January - 2015

Pelican hosted its inaugural South Bay Coffee & Cars event featuring multiple makes and vintages with folks driving in from as far away as Santa Barbara and San Diego to join the fun! Our own Wayne R. Dempsey displayed his beautiful 959 for all to get an up close look. more...  

SEMA Show Gallery 2014
Motor4Toys - 2014

President and founder of Motor4Toys, Dustin Troyan, has grown this charitable event into a major annual gathering, including exotic European supercars, American muscle and stunning Asian imports – all 5,000 of them!  more...  

Los Angeles Auto Show 2014
Motor Press Guild Motoring Invitational - 2014

The Motor Press Guild (MPG) hosted more than 50 unique and historic vehicles during Press Day for the LA Auto Show. We spotted a wide variety of cars from Singer Vehicle Design’s 1969 911E, a 959 Sport, 300 SL Roadster and a plethora of classic Benz diesels. more...  

SEMA Show Gallery 2014
SEMA Show - 2014

With over 2,300 companies exhibiting more than 2,000 new products, it’s easy to understand why the SEMA Show is such a massive industry event. One million square feet of convention floor covered, you’ll need all four days to see it!  more...  

Los Angeles Auto Show 2014
LA Auto Show- 2014

Concept cars made a comeback at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show along with several world and North American premiers such as the Porsche Carrera GTS, four-door MINI hard top and the VW Golf R. Which was your favorite from this year’s show? more...  

Legends of the Autobahn 2014
Legends of the Autobahn - 2014

This year’s Legends of the Autobahn showcased a new venue and new energy as the featured marks included BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Take a look at plenty of cars set on the Nicklaus Club – Monterey. more...  

Southern California Vintage BMW Meet 2014
7th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet - 2014

Open to all vintage BMWs from 1988 and earlier, this year’s SoCal Vintage BMW meet was well attended with a wide range of special cars, all set within Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA. more...  

Bimmerfest 2014
PCA Los Angeles Concours d' Elegance - 2014

This year’s PCA-LA Concours featured a new venue, the Santa Monica Museum of Flying in Southern California. Plenty of Porsches and historic airplanes on display along with a nice variety of vendors including Pelican Parts! Thanks to all who stopped by our booth, talked technical articles and reviewed new product. more...  

HRE Open House 2014
Werks Reunion - 2014

The PCA has created a new Monterey Car Week tradition with its inaugural Werks Reunion – A Porsche Gathering. This year’s event was sold out and featured over 500 Porsches on display. more...  

Bimmerfest 2014
44th Annual PCA-OCR Concours - 2014

Once again, the PCA-OCR region hosted its annual White Glove Concours set on the bluffs above the Dana Point Harbor, in Dana Point, CA. The cars eligible for judging were spectacular of course but the display cars, especially a handful of Turbos, were gorgeous. more...  

HRE Open House 2014
HRE Open House - 2014

Once again, HRE Wheels opened its doors to enthusiasts from across Southern California and packed their parking lots with quality hardware. But the best part of the event was taking the facility tour and having the chance to see how they manufacture, right there, in-house. more...  

Bimmerfest 2014
Bimmerfest - 2014

This year’s Bimmerfest had record crowds and perfect weather as the annual event, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA., was certainly the largest BMW enthusiast gathering to-date! Pelican Parts was proud to sponsor the Classic Car Corral – come check out our 1960 700! more...  

Bimmerfest 2014
1st Annual Manhattan Beach Concours - 2014

Mira Costa High School and Da Vinci School’s Classic Car Clubs co-hosted this first event of many to come. There were plenty of cars, food trucks, music and sunshine all day-long! We’re looking forward to seeing this event grow in the future – job well-done by these two clubs! more...  

Targa California 2014

This year’s Targa California kicked-off from Glendale, CA., headed into the mountains, through Big Bear and eventually found its way into Joshua Tree National Park. Pelican is a proud sponsor of this event organized by the good folks at TRE Motorsports. more...  

  Greystone Mansion Concours 2014
5th Annual Greystone Mansion Concours 2014

The Greystone Concours d’ Elegance, in Beverly Hills, CA., is growing each year with fantastic examples of classic automobiles and motorcycles. This year’s event featured 175 machines including a stunning row of flawless Porsche 356s.  more...

500E / E500 2014 Spring Get-Together

This is the first time we’ve attended this event which features what could be the greatest number of these special cars in one place!  If you’re interested in a 500E, this is a knowledgeable group of enthusiasts to speak with. more...  

L.A. Lit Show & Phoenix Club Swap Meet 2014
Traditionally, the Los Angeles Literature & Toy Show and the SoCal All-Porsche Swap & Display, at the Phoenix Club, serve as two of the western region’s largest Porsche-themed events and this year was even bigger and better! The Lit Show, on Saturday, now packs two ballrooms with all sorts of Porsche collectibles while the Swap Meet & Display, on Sunday, featured several of the finest Porsches in the area. Take a look at this year’s events!  more...  
TRE Motorsports New Year's Day Gathering 2014
What’s better than ringing-in the New Year than with a car meet! The folks at TRE in Van Nuys, California graciously open their doors in the early morning hours each Jan 1st and host a quality meet with a nice variety of cars.  more...  
Singer Vehicle Design Visit 2013
Pelican had the chance to visit Singer Vehicle Design and take a closer look at these remarkable machines. Thank you to Rob Dickinson for this special opportunity!  more...  
Motor4Toys 2013
Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Motor4Toys aimed for 60,000+ toys donated and 5,000+ cars. We spent three hours walking rows of beautiful cars from just about every make and vintage. Enjoy!  more...  
SEMA Show 2013
The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. Check out some of the action we shot at this year’s show!  more...  
The 28th Annual 356 Club Concours - 2013
Lantern Bay Park was the setting for this year’s 356 Club Concours in Dana Point, CA. Eight classes were judged but the gathering also included many other Porsches for viewing.   more...  
POC Tribute to Le Mans 2013
Porsches were out in force for this year's Le Mans tribute at Auto Club Speedway in Southern California.  more...  
  California Festival of Speed 2014
Cars & Coffee Irvine - April 2014

This Cars & Coffee gathering is a great event to check out several clean examples of all kinds of cars including Porsche.  If you don’t get there early in the morning, you may miss the best action!  more...

 California Festival of Speed 2014
California Festival of Speed 2014
Perfect weather, excellent racing, strong car corrals and some of the best food trucks from the Los Angeles area! We spent most of the day shooting quality hardware from the car corrals. Enjoy!  more...
LA Auto Show 2013
The LA Auto Show is getting better and better. This year’s show featured world debuts including Porsche’s highly-anticipated Macan. Take a look inside the LA Auto Show.  more...
PCA-OCR Porsche White Glove Concours 2013
This 43rd edition of the White Glove was a single-day event on the bluffs above Dana Point, CA. We counted over 125 Porsches on display from all vintages, street cars and race cars as well. The overall winner was a 1970 914-6.  more...
Big SoCal Euro Gathering 2013
Over 2,000 vehicles attended this year’s edition of the Big SoCal Euro Gathering which included drag racing, vendor row, food trucks and a section of the Qualcomm Stadium lot full of cars! So much to see, so little time.    more...
Bimmerfest West - 2013
Once again, Bimmerfest was a huge success with BMWs covering the lawns outside of the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Perfect weather and gorgeous hardware!   more...
Cars and Coffee Irvine - May 2013
Multiple makes and vintages with excellent German car viewing during May's Irvine gathering.  more...  
Greystone Mansion - 2013
The Greystone Concours never disappoints! This year's event featured several Carrera RS's and a beautiful 1974 RSR.   more...
Buttonwillow Track Day Fun - April 2013
If you ever want to experience the true potential of your vehicle - braking, acceleration and cornering - enroll in a track day course!  more...  
Euro Sunday at the Petersen
Quite a site, 300SL's laid out like cordwood! Check out our gallery of these iconic machines from the Petersen Museum gathering.   more...
Targa California 2013
Once again, Pelican was a featured sponsor of this event in our own backyard.  Enjoy the photos of the great classic cars on the tour.   more...  
PCA San Diego Cars and Coffee - March 2013
The San Diego region of the PCA enjoys great showings during their Carlsbad, CA meets. We caught up with them in March.   more...
California Festival of Speed 2013
This year's event was the best yet - featuring a display celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911.   more...  
Porsche Rennsport Reunion IV
The West Coast's largest gathering of vintage, race car, and production Porsches - EVER.  Need I say more?  Check out 2000 photos here.    more...
The Historic Races at Laguna Seca 2011
The 2nd year under new management, the races did not disappoint.  Also included here are photos from Quail Lodge and the Automobilia literature meet.   more...  
Porsche Race Car Classic
A stunning collection of classic racing Porsches, presented on the grand fields of the Quail lodge.  Loads of 904s, 550s, and 356s for as far as your eye could see!    more...
Porsche Swap Meet at the Phoenix Club
This year did not disappoint.  Lots of vendors and lots of cars, including a Carrera GT, Porsche 959, and the Pelican 962.   more...  
Palos Verdes Concours 2011
We like to support our local events, so we dragged the Pelican 962 to the Trump National Golf Course for the concours.    more...
The Historic Races at Laguna Seca 2010
This was the first year under new management, and boy the historic races were great!  A whole host of fast cars and classic racers were added this year with more than 200 more cars than in years past.  Most notable were the 962s, which are going to be a crowd favorite for years to come.   more...  
Quail Motorsports Gathering 2010
Wayne entered the Pelican 962 in this year's Quail event.  The show was predictably good this year, with a great classic Ferrari display.    more...
The Amalfitano Collection Auction
Bonhams and Butterfields auctioned off a whole bunch of 917, 910, and RSR parts and cars.  A once-in-a-lifetime chance to buy some of the Porsche crown jewels.   more...  
Pebble Beach Concours 2010
TThe new Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid made a showing at this year's Pebble Beach event.    more...
PCA GPX Region Concours
This local PCA concours has grown so large that they had to find a new location at the Lakewood Country Club this year.  As per usual with the GPX region, the event was flawless and a ton of Porsches were on hand for the festivities.   more...  
New Year's Runs 2010
The king of the hill on Mulholland drive joined our humble group this year for a fun filled hangover rally!  Wayne took out his new Boxster 3.4 conversion to test on the hill.    more...
The Pelican Wine Tour!
Our first Wine Tour was a fantastic success.  With over 150 cars in attendance, we had a great time driving through the back roads of Monterey county.  Food and wine were plentiful and Bruce Anderson and Tony Callas did a great job entertaining everyone with their fabulous presentations!   more...  
Los Angeles Auto Show 2009
The show this year was missing a few key players (Ferrari and Lamborghini), but Porsche still put on a great display with the launch of their Boxster Spyder and the Panamera.    more...
The Historic Races at Laguna Seca 2009
Porsche was the featured marquee this year at Laguna, and the 962s and 917s were out in full force!   more...  
Ventura German Autofest 2009
It was a little sleepy at the Ventura Show, but there were some surprisingly interesting cars there, like two 935s and a GT1!    more...
A Motorsports Gathering at Quail Lodge
The Quail was a tremendous event this year with cars from all makes and models on the green.  The Bonhams auction was extremely entertaining as well with the Auto Union car up for bid.   more...  
New Porsche Museum Photos
Porsche's brand new museum is amazing.  Special thanks to Bill LeVasseur for providing these fantastic photos of the new venue.    more...
California Festival of Speed 2009
The driving event of the season was on display again at California Speedway.  Wayne and Sean were out there armed with their cameras to capture all of the action.   more...  
Long Beach PCA Concours at the Queen Mary
Wayne took the 959 out to the Queen Mary show to support his local region concours.  Lots of great early 911s showed up for the yearly contest.    more...
New Year's Runs  2009
Another great time was had at the hangover rally on New Year's Day.  Wayne brought his 959 out again, and was joined by a ton of other neat Porsches!   more...  
356 Club Swapmeet
At a new venue, this reincarnation of the Dunkle Bros swapmeet was fantastic!  Loads of cars, including Wayne's 959 and Jeff Zwartz's 906 too!    more...
Los Angeles Auto Show  2008
Despite the poor economy, the show was very good this year.  Porsche had an extra-special booth at the show with Jerry Seinfeld's 550 Spyder, Porsche #1, and the RS Spyder!.   more...  
A Motorsports Gathering at Quail Lodge
Never before seen - a unique display of 11 959s all in one place!  Wayne brought his car up to the Quail to join its brothers on the green.  Check out the early Paris-Dakar car too!    more...
Concorso Italiano 2008
The venue for this year changed quite a bit from last year, and reviews were decidedly mixed.  However, some great Italian cars still showed up and put on a great display.   more...  
The Historic Races at Laguna Seca 2008
Wayne took the 959 out to the track to join fellow PCA members at the big track at Fontana!  Loads of GT3s, a Carrera GT, Porsche club racers and more were abundant...    more...
Orange County PCA Region Concours
A huge mix of cars was present at this years show, from the 356 Continental to the almighty Carrera GT.   more...  
Long Beach PCA Concours at the Queen Mary
Wayne took the 959 out to the Queen Mary show to support his local region concours.  Lots of great early 911s showed up for the yearly contest.    more...
Long Beach Grand Prix 2008
An exciting treat this year at the Long Beach Grand Prix was the running of the American Le Mans Series on Saturday.  Pelican was there on qualifying day, shooting photos of the new RS Spyder from Porsche, as well as the dominating diesel Audis.   more...  
California Festival of Speed 2008
Wayne took the 959 out to the track to join fellow PCA members at the big track at Fontana!  Loads of GT3s, a Carrera GT, Porsche club racers and more were abundant...    more...
Willow Springs Track Day - Feb 2008
A No 959 today, and no RS clone for Wayne, but we took the wife's Boxster out on the track to test it and it handled great!  Oh, and the Penske RS Spyder Porsche LMP2 team was there prepping their car for the Long Beach Grand Prix!   more...  
New Year's Day Fun Runs - 2008
This year we all took a slightly different tack and a different route for the annual "hangover rally" in SoCal.  Photos of the more than 100+     more...
Willow Springs Track Day
A great time was had by all at the "day off from work" track day with the "friends of Pelican."  Although quite a few cars were spun at the track (including Wayne's 959), no damage was done to any cars all day.  In addition, we shot plenty of neat photos of the cars in action and on the track.   more...  
Los Angeles Auto Show - 2007
This year's Auto Show was the busiest yet.  Although there wasn't a whole lot to be terribly excited about, there were new premiers from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and BMW.    more...
Rennsport Reunion III
What a fantastic weekend!  More than 15 917s were on hand for the third Rennsport celebration of Porsche racing.  If you like Porsche race cars, then check out the more than 38000 photos that Pelican Parts CEO took over this three day event!   more...  
Pelican RS Shootout at Streets of Willow
Pelican Parts got together with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine and took 6 Porsche 911RS cars out to the Streets of Willow race track.  The result was a fantastic day with some awesome photos of these magnificent cars in action.    more...
California Festival of Speed 2007
Porsche club racing at its best!  This is the stuff that you don't see every day.  Cup cars, modified race cars, and everything in-between.  Held at the huge California Speedway, it was an exciting and eventful day.   more...  
356 Club Swapmeet 2007
Replacement for the Dunkle Bros swapmeet, this one keeps growing each and every year.  This year's event did not disappoint, and there were plenty of parts and "hidden gems" to choose from.    more...
Ventura German Autofest 2007
Our yearly event for showing off the latest Pelican parts and accessories.  The show was excellent this year, with the best swapmeet yet!   more...  
Long Beach Grand Prix 2007
An exciting treat this year at the Long Beach Grand Prix was the running of the American Le Mans Series on Saturday.  Pelican was there, shooting photos of the new RS Spyder from Porsche, as well as the dominating diesel Audis.    more...
A Motorsports Gathering at the Quail 2007
An event that keeps getting better.  This years' Quail did not disappoint with a magnificent display of classic Ferraris - some that  have not been shown in public for many years.   more...  
The Historic Races at Laguna Seca 2007
Check out some photos from this years' historic races at the legendary Laguna Seca racetrack.    more...
Pebble Beach Concours 2007
A really exquisite display of Ferraris marked the show this year.   more...  
Concorso Italiano 2007
Ferraris, Fiats and Lambos dominated this famous event once again, with a fair share of rare Ferraris taking center stage.    more...
New Year's Runs 2007
The best year yet!  Although nothing really special happened, a great time was had by all at three separate events that Wayne managed to juggle on this bright sunny day.  Jay Leno was out with his Ariel Atom, as were hundreds of other car enthusiasts!   more...  
Los Angeles Auto Show 2006 / 2007
This year's show was far more interesting to me than in past years. I can't put my finger on it, but there was lots to see. Check out the new Porsche 911 Targa, the GT3, and the RS Spyder on display. Also notable is the crashed Carrera GT from the upcoming movie, Redline. Our Governator Arnold was there too, checking out all the environmentally friendly cars!    more...
German AutoFest at Ventura 2006
The sun was shining as usual in Ventura, CA for this year's Ventura show.  Mid-engine mania was the theme, with Boxsters and 914s taking center stage.  Emory Motorsports brought their great cache of vintage race cars including the '54 Pooper, some 356s and a genuine 906!   more...  
Christies Monterey Auction
Porsche prototypes were the featured collection for sale on this night.  This astounding collection included a 904 Prototype, a 911 Carrera RS prototype, a 911R prototype, and many more rare and unique cars.  Definition worth a quick look.   more...
Laguna Seca Historic Races 2006
We had a special treat on this particular day, as the Toyota 2006 F1 car set a new record lap time at Laguna Seca.  I was able to shoot some brief video of the car flying by us.  The featured marque was Cooper, and as per usual, there was a great collection of vintage racing Porsches, including a whole set of racing 935s.   more...  
Pebble Beach Concours 2006
Classic Ferraris once again dominated the field at Pebble Beach.  This years event featured a special tribute to French automotive icon Emile Delahaye, with his distinctive flowing styling.   more...
A Motorsports Gathering at Quail Lodge - 2006
This year's Motorsports Gathering was a definite refinement on previous years.  Not only were the display cars unusual and fascinating, but the vendor's cars brought additional excitement to the mix!  more...  
Concorso Italiano 2006
Another great day for the classic Italian event.  Thousands of classic Ferraris, Lambos, Alfas, and Fiats were present in a salute to the Italian automakers of the world.    more...
RM Monterey Auction - 2006
RM Auctions really outdid themselves this time.  Although the highlight was a classic racing Ferrari, the auction sold more than $9  million worth of cars, including a Porsche 356 American Roadster.  more...  
2006 Porsche Parade
With Pelican Parts as a major corporate sponsor, this year's Porsche Parade in Oregon was extra special.  Check out the bonus pics from the Emory gathering the weekend before!    more...
Pelican Parts Open House with Brian Redman
Our best event yet.  The recovered Porsche 917, 908 and 907 engines were auctioned off to raise money for the Vasek Polak Charitable Foundation.  More than $1 million was raised, and a good time was had by all.  Brian Redman was our Master of Ceremonies with plenty of racing stories to be told!  more...  
356 Club Concours at Dana Point
A beautiful day made for a great show in Dana Point.  Plenty of 356 cars to gaze at, along with a whole flock of late-model and early Porsches as well.    more...
Los Angeles Auto Show 2006
PCThe LA Auto Show had a few surprises for everyone this year.  From the new convertible Lambo to the all-powerful Bugatti Veyron. Plus the unveiling of the Porsche Cayman.  more...  
New Year's Runs 2006
Jay Leno and many other stars were on hand to celebrate the excellence in restoring fine automobiles.  Check out the cool Ferrari Prototype cars!    more...
German AutoFest 2005
This year's German AutoFest at Ventura was a great success, honoring the 50th anniversary of the Carrera.  more...  
Pebble Beach Concours 2005
Jay Leno and many other stars were on hand to celebrate the excellence in restoring fine automobiles.  Check out the cool Ferrari Prototype cars!    more...
A Motorsports Gathering at Quail Lodge
PCA's all new event was bigger and better than every this year!  more...  
Concorso Italiano 2005
The famous Italian concours was back with more Italian cars than the eye could fathom!    more...
Laguna Seca Historic Races 2005
This year's featured marque was Chaparral, featuring the cars of Jim Hall  more...  
Los Angeles Auto Show - 2005
TPorsche had a great booth again at the 2005 Los Angeles Auto Show.  Check out photos of all of the concept cars on display!   more...
2005 Porsche Parade
Hershey, PA was the sight of the best Parade yet!  more...  
California Festival of Speed - 2005
It was just another adrenaline-pumping romp through the California Speedway for these PCA track stars!  more...  
SoCal New Year's Day Runs
The Cars were out in force on this beautiful Saturday.  No rain meant lots of spirited driving and some really cool cars.  more...  
German AutoFest 2004
A train wreck (yes, a real one) put a damper on this years German AutoFest, but a good time was still had by all.    more...
Laguna Seca Historic Races 2004
This years event featured Ferrari, and more than $100 million dollars worth of Ferraris were on the track racing.  17 GTOs in one race, and the 2003 Ferrari F1 car.  1400+ photos.  more...  
Pebble Beach Concours 2004
2004 Featured Ferrari - with more prototypes and rare models than you could shake a stick at.  From the Dino prototype to some early open wheeled cars.  more...  
Concorso Italiano
The home event for Ferrari lovers, this year's celebration was the first gathering of the Ferrari Club of America in more than 14 years.  Thousands of Ferraris made their appearance.  more...  
2004 Porsche Parade
Our annual tribute to the great German margue.  Sponsored by the Porsche Club of America, the parade drew thousands of cars and enthusiasts from all across the country.  Photos by Dave Darling.   more...  
Porsche 356 Concours at Dana Point
The weather was great for a showing of the best cars.  Loads of 356s and a whole host of early 911s were laid out on the lawn in sunny Orange County, overlooking the ocean.  Photos by Darren Bond.  more...  
Solvang Stomp -2004
A great time was had on this year's ride to Solvang.  Many Porsches and a few other exotics as well!  Photos donated by Brian Leask. more...  
Pomona Swapmeet June 2004
The world's largest regular monthly swapmeet had a lot of interesting cars to offer this month, so I took a bunch of photos.  Lot's of stuff was dragged out of the barn on this weekend.  more...  
Jim's Journal 2004
Jim Alton's been to a lot of events over the past year.  We've compiled a whole bunch of his eclectic and unusual photos for our gallery here.  more...  
Don Garlits Drag Race Museum
The world's greatest Drag Race Museum, located in Florida in the middle of nowhere.  We stopped by when we were at Daytona.  Check out the awesome engine room!  more...  
Huntington Beach Concours -2004
The annual event down by the beach brought out the best in Porsches, and other marques.  Not to be disappointed, there were a whole slew of Ferraris there too.  more...  
Rennsport Reunion II - 2004
A once-in-a-lifetime event.  More than 3,000 pictures capture almost every Porsche ever made, from the RSRs to the 962s.  Even Porsche #1 was on the grid!  more...  
California Festival of Speed - 2004
The track was hot at this PCA event.  Club racing galore on one of the nations largest and fastest tracks.  more...  
PCNA Open House - 2004
Porsche Cars North America held their annual open house at their facility out in Ontario.  A Carrera GT made a token appearance, joined by hundreds of other Porsches.  more...  
Chuck Lamb's F1 Gathering
This favorite hangout was a blast that day - with guest appearances by many exotic cars.  more...  
Crystal Cove Gathering - 2004
Every week, exotic car gather on Saturday morning along the California coast.  Early risers were not to be disappointed by the F40s and early Ferrari Testarossas that came out this day.  more...  


Carrera GT Unveiling at McKenna
McKenna had a great show-and-tell on the new Porsche Carrera GT.  more...  


Andial Open House - 2004
The "HQ" of Porsche Motorsports was a great show as usual.  Plenty of race cars, and exotics inside.  more...  


Dunkel Bros/ 356 Registry Swapmeet
The West Coast's premier swapmeet, this one was visited by more than 1,000 cars!  more...  


Los Angeles Auto Show - 2004
Check out the latest from the auto manufacturers.  Special display from Porsche - The new Carrera GT!  more...  


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