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Welcome to the Pelican Parts family!

At Pelican Parts, we pride ourselves on providing high quality parts, accessories, “do-it-yourself” tech guidance and a community of auto enthusiasts worldwide. Our tech library consists of thousands of articles offering how-to guidance and support to help car enthusiasts like us complete DIY car projects- that’s where you come in!

Who better to provide guidance than the very people who work on cars? We’ve seen you give advice on our forums and in the comments of our tech articles, many of you have written to us offering articles to publish, and we are happy to say that we have created an outlet for you to become one of the DIY Project Experts on our site.

If you are interested in providing DIY tech content and advice on one of your car projects, simply follow the guidelines below to submit your article. If you are selected as one of our DIY Project Experts and your content is published to our site, you will receive 10% off your next order from Pelican Parts!

To get started on your article submission, simply click below:

Click here for an Example Submission Format
Click here for Guidance on using our arrows in Photoshop

Enthusiast Content Release Form

We are seeking content that we do not already have on the site. Therefore, to ensure you are providing something new and fresh, please check out our Tech Article Directory and make sure what you plan to write about is not already covered here.

Thank you and good luck with your submission!



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