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How are we doing? Customer Feedback Survey!

At Pelican Parts, we pride ourselves on providing only the best experience for our customers. To help us maintain the excellent standards we have already achieved, we ask for your help in identifying areas where we have excelled, and areas we need to work on. Each survey's results are sent directly to the CEO and senior management, so you can rest assured that your opinion will be heard directly by "the top dogs." Thanks for your help!

Online Ordering & Product Catalog

  Large selection of items in catalog


  Easy to find items in catalog


  Ease of online checkout & payment


  Prices are reasonable and competitive

Phone Support


  Sales Reps were polite and courteous


  Your call was answered quickly


  Sales Reps were knowledgeable about the products 

    Phone processing of your order was quick and easy

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Order Packaging and Delivery

    Items were packaged well and undamaged

    Order was shipped on schedule

    Items delivered were correct as ordered

    Shipping charges were reasonable

    Products were of high quality

    Order tracking system was useful and informative

Website and Online Content

    Quality of technical articles

    Quality of other website content

    Quality of the Bulletin Board System (BBS)

    Ease of website navigation

    How did you hear about us?    
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