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Pelican MotorCity:
Free Web Pages for Auto-Enthusiasts!

Pelican Parts is offering free web space to anyone who would like to put up a personal home page about automobiles or motorsports.  The service is entirely free, and doesn't cost anything to you!!
IMPORTANT: There was a database crash recently, and some of the account information was lost!   If you cannot log in, then please re-register with your original account name and password.  You will find your original files in your directory when you go to the file manager.

Got questions?  Here's some more info:

What can I put on the site?  You can place anything that you want on the site, as long as it's related to automobiles.  We don't want any basket weaving or sea shell collection sites.

What can't I put on the site?  We don't want anything on your site that will be overly offensive to others.  We have a set of guidelines that detail the requirements of what you can and cannot put on the site.

How much webspace do I get?  Right now, we are starting everyone off at 5MB, but there is no real upper limit on the size of your site.

What about selling stuff on the site?   We will allow you to sell cars on the site, and used parts.  You may not be permitted to sell new automotive parts on the site as this would be in direct conflict with the primary business of Pelican Parts.

Who owns the content on the site?   You own the content that is in your personal home page area.  Pelican Parts reserves the right to duplicate and distribute copies of this content as part of the Pelican Parts CD-ROM.

Ok, so what's the catch?  The only two requirements we have are that your site is auto-related (or motorsports related).   We also require that you place a small piece of code on each page of your site that will have an advertisement and link to the Pelican Parts Home Page.  We will provide this code for you when you sign up.

How will I access the site?  We will set you up with web-based page to upload your files.  It is really very easy.  For more intense users, we can set you up with your own FTP account.  Only you and the Pelican Parts administrator will have access to your files.

How will people access the files?  We will set your account up in a subdirectory of the Pelican Parts Domain.  In other words, the home page to your site will have an address similar to "/PelicanMotorCity/wdempsey/index.htm"

What about running cgi-bin programs?   On a case-by-case request, we will consider adding cgi-bin programs (like access counters) that will allow you to improve your web pages.

What about support?  Pelican Parts is providing this service for free without any support for the creation of web pages.   You can email us for advice, but there will be no guarantees that we will be able help you out.

How do I sign up?  Simply fill out the form at the hyperlink below:

Click Here to Sign Up for a
Web Site with Pelican MotorCity

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