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About Wayne R. Dempsey
    Wayne Dempsey co-founded Pelican Parts in 1997 as a result of his own passion for Porsche. His first exposure to a 914 came though the father of one of his close friends. After driving the 914 around the hills of upstate New York, he decided he wanted one for himself! So upon his arrival in California, Wayne picked up his black 1974 914 Roadster before he had even found an apartment. He definitely knew his priorities! Originally from Long Island, Wayne spent 5 years in Boston where he received his undergraduate and master’s degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Mechanical Engineering. While at MIT, Wayne designed and implemented a fail-safe four point latching system for the gull-wing doors on the commuter car Aztec as part of MIT’s Solar Electric Vehicle Racing Team. He also single-handedly designed, constructed, programmed and tested a fully functioning PC-controlled assembly module for manufacturing connectors. He later applied his design and engineering skills to build a custom system that operates Pelican Parts that he calls OBOE, reflecting his love of music.

    He calls the land of rust-free Porsches like heaven out here. Wayne’s next project was to restore a 1960 356B Coupe back to perfection. He soon became an expert on restoring, replacing, repairing and installing parts and found himself authoring several do-it-yourself books including 101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster, 101 Projects for Your Porsche 911, How to Rebuild and Modify Porsche 911 Engines and more. When he started Pelican Parts, most of the do-it-yourself tech articles were written by him – you can still find them on our site! Wayne IS the Pelican Parts customer – a self proclaimed weekend warrior who is always tinkering with his Porsche and working to keep his cars in pristine condition.  Wayne continues to be active on the Pelican Parts forums, so if you have a question about your Porsche, don’t be surprised if you see Wayne himself answering it!
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