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Registered Agent Contact
Digital Millenium Copyright Act
Pursuant to 201.38 of the Interim Regulation, Pelican Parts Inc's registered agent is as follows:
Legal Name and Address:
  Pelican Parts Incorporated
1600 240th Street
Harbor City, CA 90710

Names doing business under:   Pelican Parts,,, DriveWerks,,,,,

Designated Agent:  

Address of Agent:   1600 240th Street
Harbor City, CA 90710

Telephone:   310-626-8765 x227

Fax:   310-626-8764

Email for notice:

This information is provided to help owners of intellectual property report potentially infringing items on iPhase3, under the notice requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If you are a Content Owner and wish to contact us about an infringement, please include all the information specified in 512 (c) (3) (A).



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