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Home > Help & Customer Support > Pelican Parts Photo Gallery

Pelican Parts: Our Personal Photo Gallery...

  • Here are some photos from our personal collection.  If you have any questions,
    comments, or concerns, feel free to drop us a line...

Click below see some cool images...

Wayne's 356 Top shot of Wayne's 1960 356B Coupe...
Here's an interesting photo taken in low light
with our digital camera, inside my garage.
Wayne's 356 Wayne's 1960 356B Coupe in front of lighthouse...
Here's one of my favorite shots taken in front of
the Point Vicente lighthouse in Palos Verdes, CA.
Wayne's 356 Wayne's 1960 356B Coupe (again)...
Here's another shot taken at Palos Verdes. The lighting and
background of PV make an excellent area for taking great car photos.
356 Interior Wayne's 356 Interior...
Here's a shot of the interior of Wayne's 356. The dashboard
was just recently painted black, and the gauges reconditioned.
Tom's 356 Tom's 1960 356B Coupe...
Here's a shot of Tom's very original 1960 356
Coupe, taken at Point Vicente, CA.
Tom's Interior Tom's 356 Interior...
Here's a shot of Tom's 356's immaculate interior. The aftermarket
wheel and shift knob is the only variation from stock.
Two 356s Wayne & Tom's 356s head to head...
Here's both Tom and Wayne's 356s in front of
the lighthouse in Palos Verdes, CA.
Wayne & Tom Wayne & Tom with their 356s...
Here's Wayne and Tom with their cars on the
ridge near the Palos Verdes lighthouse.
Keats Wayne's Roommate's Cats...
The ultra-friendly cat who is always sleeping next
to me while working on this web page.  Click here for more photos...
Wayne's 914 Wayne's 1974 914 Roadster...
Here's Wayne's nearly immaculate black 914 on the
wood chips near Palos Verdes.
Tom's 911 Tom's 1974 911 Targa...
Here's a shot of Tom's 1974 911 Targa, which he
used often for running rallies.
Tom's 911 Rear view of Tom's 1974 911 Targa...
Here's another shot of Tom's 911 Targa.
Tom's 911 Tom's Big Red Porsche Tractor...
This picture is of Tom's rare Master Series
diesel tractor with a hydraulic lift.
waynes_914_towed_pic8_small.JPG (3714 bytes) Here's why Wayne missed Easter Dinner:
Lessons Learned:  The 2.7 Six Motor
has a lot of torque.  Make sure your
CV joints are tight before you go driving!!!

pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5, pic 6, pic 7, pic 8, pic 9

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