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Pelican Super Clutch Kit, 328i/is/iC

Part #: PEL-SKCKE36-06N
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  • Graf is an aftermarket supplier of European car manufacturers.
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Weight:  16.32 lbs.
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This kit contains the following parts:
07-11-9-906-045-M9 6 Pressure Plate Bolt (Brand: Genuine BMW) $1.50 More Info
11-14-2-245-364-M30 1 Rear Main Seal/Flywheel Seal (90 x 110 x 12) Original style seal has a tension spring (Brand: Elring Klinger) $9.50 More Info
11-21-1-720-310-M296 1 Pilot Bearing, 15x32x10 (Brand: NTN) $11.25 More Info
11-22-2-243-051-BOE 8 HEX BOLT $6.50 More Info
18-11-1-723-721-M131 2 Gasket Ring - Catalytic Converter to Rear Muffler (48mm), Brand: Fischer & Plath Note: (Brand: Fischer & Plath) $2.25 More Info
18-30-1-716-888-M131 2 Gasket, Exhaust Manifold to Catalyzer Pipe (Brand: Fischer & Plath) $2.75 More Info
21-21-1-223-602-M38 1 Clutch Kit, Brand: Sachs (Brand: Sachs) $297.75 More Info
21-51-1-223-328-M200 1 Pivot Pin for Clutch Fork Lever 318i/is/iC (1992-98), 318ti (1995-99), 325i/is/iC (1992-95), 328i/is/iC (1996-99), M3 (1995-99) (Brand: MTC) $1.75 More Info
21-52-1-159-045-M36 1 Clutch Slave Cylinder, 318i/is/iC (1992-98), 318ti (1995-99), 325i/is/iC (1992-95), 328i/is/iC (1996-99) (Brand: Febi Bilstein) $37.25 More Info
21-51-7-570-284-M9 1 Fork Lever Spring - Release Bearing Fork, Brand: Genuine BMW Note: (Brand: Genuine BMW) $5.50 More Info
21-52-1-159-350-M33 1 Clutch Hose from Clutch Master Cylinder to Slave Cylinder, 323i/is/iC (1996-99), 328i/is/iC (1996-99), M3 (1995-99) (Brand: FTE) $14.25 More Info
23-21-1-224-820-M9 1 Manual Transmission Input Shaft Seal (35 x 64 x 8), E36 328i/is/iC, M3 B30/32; E46 328i/Ci, 325Xi, 330i/Ci/Xi (through 2/03); E34 525i M50 S5D-Z Trans, 530i; E39 525i Wagon, 530i, 528i Sedan/Wagon (Brand: Genuine BMW) $33.50 More Info
23-11-1-224-799-M204 1 Output Shaft Seal For Manual Transmission (40 x 52 x 9), E36 328i/is/iC, M3 B30/32; E46 328i/Ci; E39 528i; E34 525i M50 (S5D-Z Trans), 530i (Brand: Kaco) $11.00 More Info
23-12-8-677-736-M17 1 Seal - Manual Trans Selector Rod (15 X 21 X 5 mm), Brand: Victor Reinz Note: (Brand: Victor Reinz) $2.75 More Info
PEL-TOL-T183 1 Clutch Alignment Tool, FITS M42, M44, M50, M52, S50, S52, M60, M62 ENGINES WITH 15mm ID PILOT BEARING (Spline count = 10; Pilot diameter = 14.9 mm; Spline diameter = 28.6 mm) $8.45 More Info
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