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Pelican M96 Intermediate Shaft Bearing, (IMS)

Part #: PEL-IMS-1
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Weight:  3 lbs.
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What our customers are saying:
Tim L.
October 10, 2017
Installed by My mechanics at my work.
You don't need the bearing puller to remove old part.Can be removed in pieces but more time comsuming. Quite a savings compared to Porsche Parts.
Ken S.
September 20, 2017
IMS bearing kit
Perfect setup. I would recommend getting the 101 porsche book to do this or look it up on pelican parts. nice kit
Boxster Nut
September 27, 2016
Wrong Parts in each bag
The single row and double row bearing bags have parts sorted incorrectly. The spacer for the nut was swapped so if you do not use common sense you will try yo fit the wrong one on and it will not have enough treads, Way looser than the EO double bearing, The centering device is not really a press fit came loose during install were the OE needs to be pressed out. Scary when it starts to slide in. Make a mark on your camshafts opening as the passenger side rear of the motor does not sit horizontally perfect when at top dead center. Unless you marked it you will panic until you realize it was pointing up a little bit seen tons of questions about this too
Three installed, planning more
April 24, 2016
Works great!
Have installed three of these bearings on three different cars and have found the product to be a great value.

Have only had one problem, for two of the bearing kits, the long bolt spacer for the single row bearing replacement was packed in the bag with the double row parts, while the short spacer double row was packed with the bag marked S for single row parts. By mistake, tried to do one install using the short spacer with a single row bearing - found that it was not possible to torque the bolt properly, and then read the online instructions again to determine which spacer was correct. With the long spacer in the single row configuration the bolt torqued up as advertised. Know this is obvious to most people, but suggest carefully reading the instructions on line, don't just trust that all the parts are in the right bag.
Richard V.
September 9, 2015
IMS and clutch replacement
I waited until the clutch was gone, 57K, before I replaced the IMS.Both went on perfectly; with the help of your excellent instructions
Ed M.
September 7, 2015
Great deal!
If this kit has a failing, it is that by not being specific, you pay for more parts than you need. That said, it is a great deal for what you get and does an excellent job. Just wish I didn't have to buy $350 worth of tools to install it...
January 17, 2015
IMS Replacement
Just installed so no long term data. Looks like a quality replacement and fit well. Installation is smooth thanks to your tech article and the LNE kit. Thanks for helping the DIY car guys!
February 24, 2014
IMS Replacement
For peace of mind I opted to replace the IMS bearing in my 2002 996 with 44,000 miles purchased last month. Of course my project included the RMS as well as full Clutch Kit. I was not only impressed with the Pelican IMS Replacement Kit and all parts received, but also with the in-depth technical information that your "Project 14" video contained. Buttoned it up this evening and just returned from a sporting ride with everything working perfectly. Good for another 40,000 or so.... BTW, my original single roller bearing appeared and felt near perfect but as it sits on the bench for the last day it is weeping motor oil. It was only a matter of time. Thanks for your dedication to the home mechanic/enthusiast.
Ion C.
August 5, 2013
Good in absentia
Thank you Pelican for this kit!

I had the two row bearing from the factory.

This one row bearing had more play that the two row it replaced. The two row had 106 000 miles on it but was full of engine oil.

This suggests the new one I put in is a temporary solution at best.

I could not do the $600 solution at this point and I am grateful to Pelican for having an alternative.
January 30, 2013
OK temporary solution
I wanted to replace the IMS bearing on my 2000 Carrera for a piece of mind. I didn't know if I had a double row or single row bearing so this product fit the ticket. I used the LN engineering toolkit for installation. I plan on replacing with the correct LNE bearing at the next clutch change. Because of the oversized spindle on the Pelican kit the LNE bearing puller will pull the original bearing out but will not remove this bearing using the spindle so a different solution is needed to remove it or reset it if it installs crooked
Followup from the Pelican Staff:   UPDATE: the LN bearing removal toolkit now contains adapters that will work to pull the bearing out with the old bolt *and* the new bolt. So, there's no problem removing the bearing in the future if you need to.
August 12, 2012
Excellent Product...
When matched with the LN kit everything in this kit is top quality and all the parts worked just as described.
Joseph W.
June 14, 2012
Great product, everything you need!
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