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High Torque Starter, New - No Core Required. 911/912, (1965-89), 911 Turbo (1976-88), 914-4 (1970-76), 914-6 (1970-72)

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July 12, 2017
Hi Torque Starter
Works great ! It is very difficult to remove your original starter. I used a 10mm allen head socket, 1/2" adapter, 1/2" x6" extention,1/2" ratchet and a 2' pipe. I used a long flat screw driver to push the tool into the top hex nut a keep pressure and keep the tool as deep as possible and used my left hand to turn the pipe. It was very tight and it was great when it broke free. I used a high quality Vice Grip to remove the bottom nut because it was so stripped. Someone had tried to remove the old starter and given up. I used a new set of hex nuts to put the new starter in.
Ken J.
October 13, 2015
Loved the product, it just would not fit around the heat tubes!! My mechanic tried every way to make it fit
Mark D.
April 17, 2015
Hi Torque starter for Vanagon conversion
This starter is working perfectly on my VW Vanagon conversion. A '78 Porsche 5-sp transmission with a '93 Subaru SVX motor and Kennedy adapter plate and flywheel into a '90 Vanagon were the parts that needed to all work together. The starter bolted on perfectly and spins the motor up with no effort. No rotation was needed on the adapter plate as there are no interference problems. A VW starter was tried first and was slow to turn the motor and had flywheel interference issues. Glad to find this starter which gives me much more peace of mind each time I crank the motor.
Paul D.
December 31, 2014
Outstanding upgrade
Fit perfectly with no clocking required for my 82 911SC. Be prepared for the thicker washers required to make up for the thinner faceplate, and the dual blade connector required to mate with the sigle - see NAPA for this. Starter whips the engine over and starts are now instant!
October 21, 2014
After a sticky-starter-hot-engine problem I tried 2 Lucas refurbed units, both of which failed either sticking again or total failure. I imported one of these from PP over to the UK to use on my 78 SC. It's way more powerful and I haven't had any problems since installing it 3 years ago.
Jeff S.
September 10, 2014
Excellent replacment choice!
You do have to re-clock the flange, (very easy)and that moves the body of the starter further from the exhaust. And man does this crank!
Uncle Enzo
March 19, 2014
After clocking it correctly it was a direct fit. Love the sound and makes starting with my carbed motor a snap.
Walter E.
April 25, 2013
High Torque Starter
I Love the sound and power and how fast it starts.
Michael M.
January 30, 2013
Installed high torque stater in 912E
Installed the high torque stater in my 912E and it has been working like a champ. The stater is smaller than the orginal stock starter. The hardest part of the install was figuring out the the top bolt ran into the enging compartment and I could not figure out what the bolt was turning but would not come out, eventually figured it out. Install was simple and straight forward. Did not need to remove any exhaust compenents.
Adam H.
August 21, 2012
With some prep, install can be straightforward
As you can see from the attached photo, the new starter is dramatically smaller than the old/original unit. Three key tips, some of which were captured in earlier posts, which should make the install of this starter into your '81 or similar 911 easier. First (after you have positioned the car as best and safe as possible and disconnected the battery yadda yadda)remove the flexible heater hose (between the heat exchanger and body). Sorry if this was obvious. Two, before you start the install make sure you have some washers to compensate for the thinner flange thickness when securing the starter (I didn't get the size on the one I used but will try and update later). Three, I had to "clock" the starter at the extreme opposite position to which it was received. There are 4 possible positions. Let's say I received it in position 1, I had to rotate it completely to position 4. This is probably obvious, but it put the starter in a much different orientation than the stock unit which didn't "seem" right at first. Of course this results in the electrical terminal being farther away and you have to "stretch" the positive battery lead so that it can reach the starter. As noted in other posts, I simply unsecured the cable from one of the points on the body and it reached and did not interfere with anything. Which raises and interesting point...the new starter is positioned much farther away from the heat exchangers such that I hope between more modern tech and less heat exposure the unit will last a long time. WARNING: Your car will sound much different on start-up. Going from a direct drive to a gear reduction drive results in a much "different" sound to your P-car start up. Given how sacred many of us feel about the look, feel, smell and sound of our Porsches you may feel some post partum anxiety about the new sound. I have overcome this by recognizing that an 8# reduction at the back end of the car is a very good thing and each time I go to start the car it starts....still sounds weird though so probably have to install a new exhaust system next!
Curt P.
April 9, 2012
Install instructions
Took about 3 hrs to install – would have been nice, and took less time, if they would have included instructions. Hopefully the notes below will help.

The first tip would be finding a friend who has a car lift. If not, the best way is to raise the car up just high enough for you to lie below it. With your head toward the rear and your feet toward the front, you can reach around and over the tranny from both directions. In this position, the starter will be right above your head, but it is the most comfortable way to reach it other than having a lift.

Read some reviews prior to purchasing where they talked about a dual electrical connector located on the solenoid was needed – mine didn’t need such a thing.
However, the small wire leading to the old solenoid was attached using a very small machine screw and nut. The new one uses a single push connector, not a dual. In order to attach this wire, you’ll need a Yellow female push connector as well as a crimper to crimp the connector to the wire…or drill a small hole in the new connector tab and reuse your old machine screw and nut.

Other reviews also talked about needing a 10mm washer. Again no explanation as to why or where they were meant to go, but I found out that you do indeed need a 10mm (1/8” thick or so) washer. That washed goes on the studs “after” you position the starter. Reason being, is that the hex head (allen) nut is actually hollow, so if you don’t use the washer, the studs push the allen wrench out of the socket nut and you won’t be able to finish tightening it down.
Word of Caution: – if you learn this the hard way as I did, it might be difficult to remove the hex nut to install the washers as you will have a difficult time keeping the wrench in it once the stud starts to exit the allen nut.
Again, it would have been nice to have this part in the (missing) instructions.

Lastly, they don’t talk about it, but you can “clock” the front section of the new starter which moves the solenoid over to clear the tranny. I tried it in a couple of different positions before going back to the “home” location. However, once I finish installing it, I found that I couldn’t reconnect the heater hose to the heater box as the starter was in the way.
I had to remove it and clock it to a different position in order to clear the tranny and make enough room to reattach the heater hose.

The biggest frustration in all of this was the fact that it didn’t come with any instructions to warn me of any of the issues I ran into as listed above. I could have easily trimmed off an hour to the install time, as well as a few curse words if it had.

As far as hearing any difference in starting, I didn’t really notice, but it certainly started right up.

After removing the old starter:
1st – Cut the tip off of the small wire that leads to the solenoid and crimp on the female push connector
2nd - Play with positioning of the new starter and try “Clocking” it in different locations making certain it clears the tranny in order to seat well, and leaves enough room to be able to reattach the heater hose
3rd – position starter on the studs and add one washer ( 1/8” or thicker) to each stud
4th – tighten Allen nut onto studs
5th – Pull enough main power cable to reach top of Solenoid and attach

Stand back, admire your work and then go out and look for a twisty road to enjoy.

April 2, 2012
HiTorque works great!
Perfect fit, worked as advertised, much easier to get in there and able to use a regular hex nut on the upper mount and get rid of that barrel nut! One thing you need that doesn't come with it is a 2-1 spade connector as there is only one spade fitting on the new starter and you need two. NAPA had it in my case..
April 1, 2012
'74 914 installation
I'm a novice at car repair but this was easy to install. I put in on my 74 Porsche 914 and it didn't fit I put in on with the same syloniod orientation. It wouldn't fit flush. I rotated it 180 degrees and it fits flush with good clearance all around. The starter sounds good and strong. No wire lengthing needed.
September 2, 2011
Pretty smooth install on a '74 911S
I did the install when the powertain was out of the car, so that helped a little. You do have to clock the mounting plate one hole over from as-received (see pic of the position I used) to clear the heater tube next to it. Yes, the mounting flange is slighlty thinner, but nothing an M10 washer or two won't fix. It does sound great on start-up and it is 4 lbs, 10 oz lighter than the stock Bosch starter! The positive cable from the car will reach as long as you free it up from a couple of the tiedowns. It is a bit tougher to connect it because the stud is on top of the starter instead of the back like the stock one, but you can get there. The blade connector for the solenoid wiring was correct as-is, no mods required.
July 29, 2011
Almost Perfect
Starter drag and run on is a thing of the past. Hit the start position and it all comes to life. Easy to install except the battery cable. Had to reroute the cable and can see how it may not fit without an extension on many other 911 types
Thomas F.
July 11, 2011
72 911 Perfect Fit
The new starter bolted right up with zero issues in less than 45 minutes. The car starts better than new. This is the fastest I've ever heard a 911 motor turn over. I wish I had done this years ago rather than put up with the lame Bosch starter.
Richard C.
May 3, 2011
Easy Install
Reorient the solenoid position and rewire. Easy! You will have to add a washer as the mounting flange is thinner than the original. Also, have some heat shrink on hand as the smaller electrical connection changes from stud / nut to a spade style.
RC - '84 911 Carrera Targa
Paul L.
July 5, 2010
911 High Torque Starter on 85 engine
Not a perfect match on a 85 engine in my 82 911.
- starter blocks the heater hoses, force fit and tore hose to attach
- really tough removing old starter, book said hex nuts, but mine were torq and the blind removal almost fits with hex ..
- electrical harness too short, but loosened and got some length (good advice from prior review)
- connections are now on the back of the starter requiring full removal to disconnect
Once installed it works great!
Anthony A.
March 8, 2010
911 High Torque Starter
Was pretty easy to install on my 1981 911SC. The bear hug method worked for me, just reach around the top of the transmission to access the upper starter mounting nut.
Mike D.
October 26, 2009
Easy install, cool sound.
1982 911SC

This starter is more compact than the OEM which made for a very easy install. Just line up the new starter teeth with the old one's position. The only issue was that the electrical harness in the car was too short to reach the new starter. I simply had to un-clamp the electrical harness from the body to make room.

Over a month with the starter and no cold or hot starter issues. It sounds awesome too.
October 19, 2009
Nice unit, but has some issues
I'm a little disappointed. After selling this starter for years, I would expect some of the installation issues to be sorted out.
For instance:
-Mounting flange is too thin
-Mounting flange needs to be rotated one hole so that the motor will clear heater tube
-Solenoid wire terminal is different from factory.
-Positive battery cable has trouble reaching post on starter
Followup from the Pelican Staff:   This particular starter fits many different 911 models (and 914s too). Since there were some variations in the equipment across those years, some adjustment to the starter is necessary depending upon which model you have. On some models, the starter will bolt right up with no adjustments.
Henrik C.
August 29, 2009
Minor adjustment needed
The starter did fit in my 1977 911 Targa, but once it was in place it was no longer possible to get the heat air tube back in place. Fortunately it was possible to adjust the starter by removing the flange and rotate it. Doing so the entire starter got rotated and once again the heat air tube would fit.

This starter really seems more powerful than the replaced original starter.
May 6, 2009
Doesn't fit 925 Sportomatic
The larger lip than on the stock Bosch unit means this motor won't fit the 925 Sportomatic transmission mount.
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