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Longacre 2.5" Tire Pressure Gauge

Part #: DFS-50418
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Chris G.
June 19, 2015
A tire pressure gauge that's pretty good
I bought this because it closely resembles one I purchased for another vehicle. However, this one lacks a nice feature, which is the ability to take a measurement, and the gauge will hold it until you hit the reset button. This one forces you to hold it onto the valve and get your reading "live". It's just not as convenient. Therefore, I find it to be about average usefulness. I have the impression I could have found the same item at Northern or Harbor Freight, and that speaks to the impression of quality. Not bad. Just not the greatness I had anticipated for the price.
Jim L.
September 12, 2014
Longacre sources their components from all over the world, yes, but all final assembly and testing/quality control is done in their little factory in Washington State. Accutire is fine if it's just going to sit in your glove box. I personally like something a little more stout.
July 29, 2014
Why Pay This Much?
If you read the tests from many auto mags, or at least those that will actually test the cheaper gauges instead of the expensive ones that advertise with them, and consumer reports, you will find the inexpensive "Accutire" brand repeatedly comes out at or near the top. All for 8-15 bucks. From the crimped fitting, there is no doubt this is an off shore made product with an American sounding "Longacre" name on it.
Joe Johnston
July 22, 2014
Best budget tire gauge!
This is a massive step up in accuracy from the cheap auto parts store stick-style gauges or even their dial-type gauges. The Longacre gauge feels solidly made and it's proven accurate so far. For $30 bucks there is no reason to not have one of these in your car!
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