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Shift Rod Bushing in Tunnel Behind Shifter

Part #: 914-424-224-00-M260
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  • O.E.M. is an OEM supplier to European car manufacturers.
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Pelican Sales Rank:  113
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Weight:  0.01 lbs.
Warranty Info:  24 Months / 24,000 miles
Application Notes:  Shift Rod Bushing (in Tunnel)
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This part is also a member of the following kits:
PEL-BUSHKIT1N Shifter Bushing Kit, 912/911 (1969-86), 911 Turbo (1976-88) $20.50 More Info
PEL-SKS914-01N Shift Bushing Super Kit, 914 1.7 (1970-72), Each $36.50 More Info
PEL-SKS914-03N Shift Bushing Super Kit, For Early Cars Converted to Side Shift Linkage, 914 1.7/1.8/2.0 (1970-76), Each $36.00 More Info
Parts Diagrams:
Model:   911/912 (1965-1969)
Category:   Shift Linkage
Description:   Friction ring ( 69)
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911T/E/S Carrera RS (1970-73)
Category:   Shift Linkage
Description:   Friction ring
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911/911S / Carrera (1974-1977)
Category:   Transmission Control
Description:   Friction ring
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911SC / Turbo (1978-1983)
Category:   Transmission Control
Description:   Friction ring
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911 Carrera / Turbo (1984-1986)
Category:   Transmission Control
Description:   Friction ring
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911 Carrera / Turbo (1987-1989)
Category:   Transmission Control (Turbo)
Description:   Friction ring
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   911 Turbo (1976-1977)
Category:   Transmission Control
Description:   Friction ring
   Quantity Required:  
Model:   914 (1970-1976)
Category:   Transmission Control, up to 72
Description:   Friction ring (914-6/4)
   Quantity Required:  
This part fits the following vehicles:
911/912 (1965-1969) ( 69)
911T/E/S Carrera RS (1970-73)
911/911S / Carrera (1974-1977)
911SC / Turbo (1978-1983)
911 Carrera / Turbo (1984-1986)
911 Carrera / Turbo (1987-1989)
911 Turbo (1976-1977)
914 (1970-1976) (914-6/4)
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What our customers are saying:
Michael P.
June 26, 2017
Mike Permantier
With this and the other parts to re-do the shifter front and rear you will be so happy that you did. The console with A/C is a little rough to undo and lay on the passenger side.
Patrick R.
February 1, 2017
Great couple hour project for the weekend mechanic
product was an exact replacement part and with technical advice on website, easy to install.
Chris L.
July 22, 2016
easy repair for anybody to do
easy to replace. Just lubricate the bushing well
October 28, 2015
Must Have
If your trans shifts poorly, get one of these along with the ball cup bushing.

Definitely needs to be warmed up to ease installation. Makes a HUGE difference, cold vs. warm.
Rhys C.
May 6, 2015
Removing slack in 911 gearshift
After reading the technical hints on the Pelican pages the fitting of this bush was as easy as could be. Now have a very tight gearshift. Regards Rhys
Paul G.
August 14, 2014
for better shifting
Replace all the shifting parts and the shifting feels like a brand new car.
Ron B.
May 5, 2014
Bushing Replace
What a difference, along with ball cup bushing. Well worth the time to get at.
Josan R.
December 16, 2013
Kit is just like OEM
This kit made a big difference in my transmission and looked just like the OEM stuff I was pulling off (except of course it wasn't all beat up).
Jack S.
June 30, 2013
bushing (tunnel)
easy to replace great fit
Nick H.
April 1, 2013
Shift Rod Bushing
Made a big difference in shift quality combined with the ball cup shift bushing
December 3, 2012
Good product
Just pay attention on how this is installed before you tear it all apart, or you will guess as to how it all goes back together. Works great. Tough to install, but just push and it will go through the bracket.
Scott G.
August 10, 2012
Bushings for 915 trans
I replaced the ball cup & shift rod bushings, cone screw in one shot. All parts arrived quickly, were straight forward to install and worked as intended. Note: I also replaced the shift coupler (from Ed, the Coupler Whisperer) as part of this project. None of my bushings were in bad shape, but I did notice some improvement in shifting. The worst part of the installation was removing my center console.
October 31, 2011
Have not installed yet.
Have not installed yet. Shifting is ok with rear bushings installed. You must take the entire unit out to put this bushing in. I would think that you would have a slit bushing that can be installed without taking everything apart.
Goodpaster P.
October 20, 2011
Bushing was much easier to install after use of grease.
Michael T.
May 31, 2011
Shift Rod Bushing 1974 911
It fit well after I heated it in some hot water to make it easier to get in bracket.
John C.
May 2, 2011
the fun one to do...BTW all bushings will make a difference....
Keith L.
April 10, 2011
Easy install bushings
With boiling water all 3 bushings were installed very easily. Quality of parts was very good.
Patrick F.
October 19, 2010
Replaced old dried out bushing
Great, tight fit, shifts like new (I think...)
Allen B.
May 29, 2010
Great Part
Perfect fit in my 75 911. My 911 shifts like new.
David C.
May 11, 2010
Dave C review
it worked
Brian C.
September 10, 2009
Shift Rod Bushing In Tunnel Behind Shifter
Easy install....great product!!!
March 25, 2009
Best to put a little grease on the OD and push it in with a vise. Part will deform going in, but once it pops past the rear flange, you can work the back edge with a screw driver and get it to spin freely in the bracket... then you know you have a good install.
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