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Air Filter

Part #: 13-71-7-561-235-M63
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  • Mann is an OEM supplier to European car manufacturers.
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Pelican Sales Rank:  2213
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Weight:  0.65 lbs.
Warranty Info:  24 Months / 24,000 miles
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This part is also a member of the following kits:
PEL-MINIM2TUNKT-01 Maintenance Kit $160.75 More Info
Model:   Cooper (2007-09) Coupe with N12 Engine (R56)
Category:   Intake muffler/filter cartridge/hfm
Description:   Air filter element
   Quantity Required:   1
Model:   Cooper (2008-09) with N12 Engine (R55)
Category:   Intake muffler/filter cartridge/hfm
Description:   Air filter element
   Quantity Required:   1
Parts Diagrams:
MINI Cooper / Cooper S (2007-)  [R56]
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MINI Cooper Clubman (2008-)  [R55]
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This part fits the following vehicles:
Cooper (2007-09) Coupe with N12 Engine (R56)
(Quantity: 1 Required)
Cooper (2008-09) with N12 Engine (R55)
(Quantity: 1 Required)
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What our customers are saying:
Simon F.
February 3, 2018
Not for Non-US Model R56
Wrong Part for my 2012 Mini Cooper. But for the price, I found out that there are two types - US and Non US type. The US types are this rectangle bricks and the non US type is the one I have which has a U-Shaped ear which sits on top of the intake hose. Considering that most OEM part stores doesn't really point this out, I cannot fault Pelican for this.
Henry K.
January 24, 2018
A good air filter. Most recent of many same brand purchases.
July 11, 2017
10 min install and very easy too. DIY and save some $$$
Ted E.
July 11, 2016
Air Filter
100% fit, exact same as replaced. Installation completed by my 18 year old daughter (at a fraction of the cost ;) )
December 8, 2014
Identical to the one installed by Mini
When placed side by side there is no way to tell the difference between this filter and the one sold directly by Mini. And it is extremely easy to install. I saved a lot of money by doing it myself.
Jorge B.
November 19, 2014
It doesnt fit my mini cooper
June 27, 2014
exactly right
I ordered and installed this air filter from Pelican in my Mini and am very pleased. The dealer wanted twice what Pelican charged and the filter is THE exact unit that they put in at the factory. Great part, great price, great service. Thanks Pelican!
March 13, 2012
AIr filter
Fit with Mini Cooper
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