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Air Saws and Shears
Heavy Duty Air Nibblers, Air Shears, TurboShears, Air Saw Kits, Reciprocating Saws. more...  

Cordless Saws
12V Reciprocating Saw Tool Sets, Battery-Powered Saw Kits, Li-Ion Cordless Hacksaw Kits. more...  

Electric Portable Saws
Electric Sheet Metal Sheers, Cutting Saw Kits, Swivel-Head Shears, Variable-Speed Saws, Metal Saw Kits. more...  

Knives and Scissors
Folding Knives, Water Knives, Utility Knife Sets, Serrated Knives, Multi-Purpose Shears, Skinners, Heavy Duty Cutters. more...  

Mitre Saws
Chop Saws, Portable Cut-Off Saws, Dry Cut-Off Machines, Laser-Guide Mitre Saws, Multi-Cutter Saws. more...  

Saw Blades
Reciprocating Saw Blades, Sawzall Blades, Air Saw Blade Assortments, Hack Saw Blades, Multi-Purpose Blade Kits. more...  

Metal Shears and Snips
Tinner Snips, Aviation Tin Snips, Cable Shears, Left/Right Cut Vertical Aviation Snips, Tin Snip Sets. more...  

Hand Saws
Standard Hacksaws, High Tension Hacksaw Frames, Heavy Duty Hacksaws. more... 

Plasma Cutters
CutMaster Plasma Cutter Systems, CutSkill Plasma Cutter Kits. more...  

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