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Low V.O.C. 2.1 Euro Kwik Clearcoat
$ 200.00

  • Low VOC 2.1 Euro Kwik Clearcoat is an acrylic urethane clearcoat for basecoat/clearcoat systems that can be usedwith all solvent and waterborne basecoats. It is suitable for all automotive refinishing as well as trucks and equipment.Low VOC 2.1 Euro Kwik Finish Clearcoat can be buffed in 2-3 hours at 75_F (24_C). Its fast dry time enables customersto cycle more cars through their shops. With Low VOC 2.1 Euro Kwik Clearcoat a shop can clearcoat, buff/polishand deliver a vehicle in the same day! The reduced bake time requirements enable over twice as many vehicles to beprocessed through the paint booths. These advantages translate into less energy usage and more profit per job.
  • Size: 5 Liter
  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • % Solids (wight): 48% ï Coatings VOC: 1.98#/gal (237 g/l)
  • Mix Ratio: 2:1
  • Activator: 7226-CF/7236-CF
  • Reducer: Zero V.O.C. Reducer suitable for shop temparature
  • Reduction: up to 5% ï Pot Life: 2 hours @ 68-75_F (20-24_C)
  • Force Drying: 140_F (60_C) for 20-30 minutes

Manufacturer: TRANSTAR


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