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ATF Refill Adapter Kit
$ 168.75

Several automotive manufacturers including Ford and Toyota have eliminated the transmission dipstick tube from many of their new models. In these cases, special equipment is required to top-off or refill the automatic transmission when the fluid level is low or following a filter change. Model MVA5800 includes ten adapters designed for refilling or topping-off most manufacturers' sealed transmissions.

  • All adapters utilize Mityvac's quick-connect coupler system found on the MVA7210 ATF Refill Hose Assembly
  • MVA5800 and MVA7210 can be purchased together using part number MVA7216
  • Ten adapters fit Ford, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Nissan, VW, Audi and Mercedes transmissions
  • Includes custom-molded storage case
  • Adapters utilize quick-change coupling system for connection to MVA7210
  • Set of ten adapters (MVA5800) for connecting to most manufacturers' sealed transmissions
  • Custom-molded storage case

  • ATF Refill Adapter Kit - MVA5800
  • Case

Manufacturer: MITYVAC


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