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BMW Code Scan / Reset Tools
BMW SRS Reset Tool
Oxygen Sensor Removal Tools
Lug Nut Soft Socket
Lug Nut Torque Socket Set
BMW Oil Filter Socket
BMW Suspension Tools
Rear Wheel Bearing Extractor and Installer Kit
B90 Adapters
Front Wheel Hub/Bearing Nut Socket
Rear Subframe Bushing Master Kit
Front Control Arm Bushing Master Kit
Press Arbor Kit/Outer Ball Joints
Press Arbor Kit/Inner Ball Joints
Heavy Duty Separator
Pin Wrench Socket
Coil Spring Compressor
Engine Tools
Tensioner Pressure Tool
Camshaft Alignment Tools
Timing Tensioner Bracket
Camshaft Holding Tool
Flywheel Lock
Camshaft Holding Tools
Cam Sprocket Turning Spanner
Crank Pulley Securing Tools
Harmonic Balancer Service Master Kit, for BMW M52TU, M54, M56
Steering Rack Pin Wrenches
Universal Oil Seal Extractors
Oil Seal Arbors
Engine Turning Bars
Timing Chain Crimping Tools
Valve Adjusters
E30 M3 Valve Adjustment Tool Set
E46 M3 Valve Adjustment Tools
E46 M3 Valve Adjustment Shim Kit
Head Bolt Torx Socket Tool
Torque Angle Meter
Tappet Depressors
Transmission Tools
Transmission Bearing Extractors
30mm Flange Nut Socket
Drain Plug Socket Set
Transmission Drain Plug Socket
Differential Mount Bushing Kit
Transmission/Differential Oil Seal Arbors
Clutch Tools
Torx Female Socket Set
Clutch Wear Gauge
Pilot Bearing Puller
Clutch Disc Alignment Tools
Install Tool for Self Adjusting Clutches
Mityvac Brake Bleeder Kit
Brake Fluid Tester
Power Bleeders
Pressure Adapter
Disassembly Tools
Cooling System Tools
Fan Clutch Wrench
Cooling System Pressure Tester
Counter Holder/Fan Removal Tools
Fuel Level Sending Unit Socket
Brake Caliper Piston Tool
AutoEnginuity Complete OBDII Diagnostic Tool
ScanTool Software Expansions
Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
WEGO IV Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning Aid
Innovate Motorsports LM-2
Redline Detection Smoke Pro
Airlift Cooling System Tool Kit
Jack Stands
AC Hydraulic Jacks
Radio/Navigation Removal Kit
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Engine Tools

Camshaft Holding Tool


Camshaft Holding Tool/Securing Fixture, For the Crucial Task of Securing the Camshaft in TDC Position, Late Model BMW N62 Engines, X5-Series (E53, E70), 5-Series (E60, E63, E64), 7-Series (E65, E66)    [More Info]

Flywheel Lock
This is the correct tool used for locking the crankshaft in the TDC position when adjusting or replacing timing components.


Flywheel Lock, For BMW Engines: M42, M44, M50, S50, M52, S52, M54, S54, M60, M62, S62, M70, M73. Service manual reference # 11 2 300    [More Info]

Camshaft Holding Tools
You need this tool to properly time your camshaft. See how it is used and read our Technical Article on the subject here.


Camshaft Holding Tool/Fixture (includes (2) blocks (1) swivel lock and (1) flywheel locking pin 112-300), Applicable: BMW Motors M42, M44, M50, M52, M54, S50, S52 (BMW Service Tool Reference #11-3-240). Flywheel pin fits most of these models.    [More Info]



Camshaft Holding Tool/Fixture, For BMW V-12 Engines (BMW Service Tool Reference #11-3-190)    [More Info]

Cam Sprocket Turning Spanner
For turning sprockets when removing & installing VANOS Unit on Single VANOS Engines - M50, M52, S50, S52 - Service manual reference# 11 5 490


Cam Sprocket Turning Spanner Rotation Tool, Service manual reference# 11 5 490, Applicable: BMW engines - M50, M52, S50US, S52US

*Note: This tool only needed for Later Vanos Engines with the Diaphram Spring located between the Intake Cam stop disks. Not required for Models thru 2/95    [More Info]

Crank Pulley Securing Tools
These tools bolt to the front of the crankshaft pulley and allow you to secure the engine from turning, allowing you to remove the crank pulley securing nut.

Crank Pulley Securing Tool, For M60 and M62 Engines. See BMW service # 11 2 450     [More Info]



Crank Pulley Securing Tool, For M20, M42 and M50 Engines     [More Info]



Crank Pulley Securing Tool, For BMW M30 Engines     [More Info]



Crank Pulley Securing Tool Set, Contains All Above Wrenches     [More Info]

Harmonic Balancer Service Master Kit, for BMW M52TU, M54, M56
This special service master kit was developed to make the difficult task of breaking loose the harmonic balancer / crank shaft bolt easy by using tool BMW3050-1 in conjunction with BMW3050-2. Once the crank bolt is removed, the second phase of this kit is used for the critical task of extracting the sometimes stuck vibration damper by using tool BMW3050-2 in conjunction with BMW3050-3. Purchase the tools individually, or all together in the master kit.

For BMW M52TU, M54, and M56 engines.


Harmonic Balancer Service Master Kit (all three tools), for BMW M52TU, M54, M56    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Counter Hold Bar, for BMW M52TU, M54, M56    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Counter Holder Head, for BMW M52TU, M54, M56    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Pulley Press Remover Fixturet, for BMW M52TU, M54, M56    [More Info]


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