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911 Engine/Transmission Jack Adapter
911 Engine/Transmission Jack Adapter (1984-98)
911 Engine Only Jack Adapter
Porsche 911 Engine Lift Bar Tool
Jack Pad
Jack Stands
AC Hydraulic Jacks
Lug Nut Soft Socket
Lug Nut Torque Socket Set
Porsche Engine Rebuild Stand
Engine Stand for Water-Cooled Engines
Engine Stand Adapter Ring
Engine Yoke Securing Nuts
12-Point/12mm Flywheel Socket
Heavy Duty Flywheel Lock
Oil Filter Wrenches
Drain Plug Removal Tool
Transmission Drain Plug Removal Tool
Smart Racing Products Alignment Tools
Hub/Bearing Extractor and Installer Kit
Oil Seal Installation Tools
Secondary Air Injection (SAI) Maintenance DVD
Secondary Air Injection (SAI) Maintenance Tool Kit
Mechanical Tensioner/Tool
Cylinder Holding Tool
Top Dead Center Indicator
Leakdown/Compression Gauge Adapter
Metric Dial Indicator Gauge
Cam Nut Tool
Camshaft Tools
Camshaft Sprocket Alignment Tool
Valve Spring Tools
911 Valve Adjustment Tool
Valve Adjustment Tool with Loop Handle
Exhaust Head Stud Repair Kit
Crankshaft Holder
Circlip Injector Tool
Transmission Synchro Tools
Shift Fork Jig
Pulley Wrench Tools
Fuel Injection Tools
Mechanical Injection Pump Tools
CIS Fuel Enrichment Wrench
C.I.S. K-Jetronic Fuel Injection Tester
Ball Joint Tools
Tie Rod Tools
Factory Timing Belt Tensioning Tool
Timing Sprocket Registration Pin Puller
944/968 Flywheel Lock
Float Gauge
Allen Head Tools
CV Bolt Removal Tool
Magnetic Box "V" Wrench (17mm)
Suspension Alignment Tools
Ride Height Wrench
Trailing Arm Height Adjuster
Elephant Racing Spring Plate Bushing Removal Tool
Extraction Tools
Spanner Wrench Set
32 MM Oil Line Wrench
36 MM Oil Line Wrench
Clutch Alignment Tool
Disassembly Tools
Factory Air Pump
Custom Service Cover
Durametric Software Diagnostic Tool for Porsche
AutoEnginuity Complete OBDII Diagnostic Tool
ScanTool Software Expansions
Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
WEGO IV Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning Aid
Innovate Motorsports LM-2
Redline Detection Smoke Pro
Airlift Cooling System Tool Kit
Radio Removal Tools
Pelican Engine Rebuild Super Tool Kits
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Lug Nut Soft Socket

Every Porsche owner needs a Soft Socket in their tool box! This high quality, chrome plated lug nut socket was designed with inlaid aluminum to prevent rounded corners or scratches on your lug nuts. Cannot be used with air tools.

NOTE: Not for use with steel lug bolts/nuts, ONLY for original aluminum lug nuts! Also not to be used to break stuck lug nuts free from the wheels!


Lug Nut Soft Socket, 1/2" drive, Not For Use With Steel Lug Bolts/Nuts, For Aluminum Lug Nuts Only    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
This special thin walled, heavy duty IMPACT socket with a riveted Aluminum insert was developed for the crucial task of R&R of wheel lugs nuts/bolts without marring or scuffing the surface of the wheel or bolts. Measuring at 3.5" to fit into deep recess of wide wheels. Comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


Impact Duty Soft-Walled Lug Nut Socket - 19mm, 1/2" drive 28mm Outer Diameter    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Lug Nut Torque Socket Set

Worried about over-torqueing your lug nuts? This set will ease your anxiety! These lug sockets will stop tightening when the appropriate torque has been reached. The set includes 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm sockets in a storage case. These sockets are also 1/2" drive and are preset for 100Nm (74ft-lbs)

NOTE: These are for use with hand drivers only - they are NOT suitable for impact guns.


Torque Socket Set (17mm, 19mm, 21mm), 1/2 inch drive    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Porsche Engine Rebuild Stand    Camera Pic

Planning on rebuilding your engine? You shouldn't even think of it without the proper engine stand. There are cheap, generic engine stands available that will fit your engine with a bit of modifications, but in order to have a firm support of the entire weight of the motor, you should use one specifically designed for the case itself. This fixture is made of heavy-duty steel, and has five arms that can support the full weight of even a complete 930 motor with fuel injection and exhaust!

This engine holding fixture can be used with the yokes on most regular engine stands, or you can use the Heavy Duty Clamp which will allow you to bolt the stand to a sturdy (very, very sturdy) table top. The diameter of the shaft is 60mm.

This engine holding fixture will fit any model 911/964/993, 912, 356, 930, 914 and any air-cooled VW engine. Also fits 996/997 Turbo Engines including GT2 & GT3.


Engine Holding Fixture P201 (made in Europe)    [More Info]



Heavy Duty Engine Fixture Clamp    [More Info]



Flywheel Lock - This flywheel lock only works with the P201 engine yoke.    [More Info]

Engine Stand for Water-Cooled Engines
This fixture is made of heavy-duty steel, and has five arms that can support the full weight of even a fully dressed Liquid-Cooled twin turbo Boxer-6 engine without having to remove the flywheel! It is manufactured with at least 3 special features that far exceed those of the O.E.M. design. This Fixture is lighter, stronger, with no hassle to mount and less expensive.

This engine holding fixture will fit Boxster, Cayman, and non-Turbo models of 996, 997 (excluding GT3).


Engine Holding Fixture P201-996 (made in Europe), 996/997 non-Turbo/non-GT3 (1999-09), Boxster/Cayman (1997-09)    [More Info]

Engine Stand Adapter Ring
This Engine Stand Adapter Ring will easily bolt onto any universal engine stand, using four 3/8" bolts, giving you a safe and easy way to work on any 356 to 930 Porsche engine. This is a very heavy-duty piece that is machined from solid steel, with all the right notches and relief angles to accommodate all Porsche and VW air cooled engines.

NOTE: Universally adjustable adapter not included with ring. These come with most engine stands available here.


Engine Stand Adapter Ring for Porsche and VW air-cooled engines    [More Info]

Engine Yoke Securing Nuts
Finally, a clean and elegant way to secure your 911 engine to the factory-style yoke - no more sockets, washers, and oversized nuts to take up slack. Use these knurled nuts and adapters to mount the different length engine case studs to the yoke. Not only will you no longer need to hunt for the right combination of hardware to fit, but with the built-in clearance of these stainless steel nuts and adapters, you will be able to easily install and remove flywheels and clutch assemblies while the engine is on the stand!


Stomski Racing Engine Yoke Securing Nut/Adapter Set, for Porsche engine stand fixtures (P201)     [More Info]


12-Point/12mm Flywheel Socket

Get the correct socket to remove/install those Flywheel Bolts !

Flywheel Bolt Socket Tool, 12-Point/12mm     [More Info]


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