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911 Engine/Transmission Jack Adapter
911 Engine/Transmission Jack Adapter (1984-98)
911 Engine Only Jack Adapter
Porsche 911 Engine Lift Bar Tool
Jack Pad
Jack Stands
AC Hydraulic Jacks
Lug Nut Soft Socket
Lug Nut Torque Socket Set
Porsche Engine Rebuild Stand
Engine Stand for Water-Cooled Engines
Engine Stand Adapter Ring
Engine Yoke Securing Nuts
12-Point/12mm Flywheel Socket
Heavy Duty Flywheel Lock
Oil Filter Wrenches
Drain Plug Removal Tool
Transmission Drain Plug Removal Tool
Smart Racing Products Alignment Tools
Hub/Bearing Extractor and Installer Kit
Oil Seal Installation Tools
Secondary Air Injection (SAI) Maintenance DVD
Secondary Air Injection (SAI) Maintenance Tool Kit
Mechanical Tensioner/Tool
Cylinder Holding Tool
Top Dead Center Indicator
Leakdown/Compression Gauge Adapter
Metric Dial Indicator Gauge
Cam Nut Tool
Camshaft Tools
Camshaft Sprocket Alignment Tool
Valve Spring Tools
911 Valve Adjustment Tool
Valve Adjustment Tool with Loop Handle
Exhaust Head Stud Repair Kit
Crankshaft Holder
Circlip Injector Tool
Transmission Synchro Tools
Shift Fork Jig
Pulley Wrench Tools
Fuel Injection Tools
Mechanical Injection Pump Tools
CIS Fuel Enrichment Wrench
C.I.S. K-Jetronic Fuel Injection Tester
Ball Joint Tools
Tie Rod Tools
Factory Timing Belt Tensioning Tool
Timing Sprocket Registration Pin Puller
944/968 Flywheel Lock
Float Gauge
Allen Head Tools
CV Bolt Removal Tool
Magnetic Box "V" Wrench (17mm)
Suspension Alignment Tools
Ride Height Wrench
Trailing Arm Height Adjuster
Elephant Racing Spring Plate Bushing Removal Tool
Extraction Tools
Spanner Wrench Set
32 MM Oil Line Wrench
36 MM Oil Line Wrench
Clutch Alignment Tool
Disassembly Tools
Factory Air Pump
Custom Service Cover
Durametric Software Diagnostic Tool for Porsche
AutoEnginuity Complete OBDII Diagnostic Tool
ScanTool Software Expansions
Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
WEGO IV Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning Aid
Innovate Motorsports LM-2
Redline Detection Smoke Pro
Airlift Cooling System Tool Kit
Radio Removal Tools
Pelican Engine Rebuild Super Tool Kits
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Ride Height Wrench

Don't be without this Ride Height Combination Wrench went setting up your suspension! Fits the spring plate eccentric 24mm and 36mm bolts. Powder coated for a long lasting finish.


Ride Height Combination Wrench, 911 1977-89     [More Info]


Trailing Arm Height Adjuster

This special service tool was developed in order to aid the technician with SAFE and easy ride height adjustment of rear torsion arms and/or general adjusting of Aftermarket Adjustable Spring Plates. The inherent design of this tool acts as an extension of the trailing arm by latching onto it at two hook points. The end of the protruding tool is supported by a roll-around floor jack. You simply pre-load the suspension and are able to maintain the travel in any desired position w/o having to use chains, which may slip and is very dangerous.


Trailing Arm Height Adjuster, Porsche 911/911 Turbo (1965-89)     [More Info]


Elephant Racing Spring Plate Bushing Removal Tool

Elephant Racing developed this tool to simplify the removal of spring plate bushings. The bushings are bonded to the spring plate, and removal is not easy. This convenient cutting tool shaves the bushings off, removing nearly all the rubber and require just a bit of cleanup to finish. This tool greatly simplifies the bushing removal process.


Elephant Racing Spring Plate Bushing Removal Tool, 911/911 Turbo (1965-86), 944/968    [More Info]


Extraction Tools

Nothing beats the frustration of trying to remove something that isn't going anywhere. Do the job right by using the right tools to remove that gear or bushing. These pullers are designed to properly remove what they were designed to remove, without damaging anything else.


Distributor Drive Gear Puller, 912, 914, 356     [More Info]



Oil Piston Pressure Relief Valve Puller, 912, 914, 356     [More Info]



Starter Bushing Puller, 12V     [More Info]



Starter Bushing Puller, 6V     [More Info]



Oxygen Sensor Removal Tool, 22mm, 3/8" drive     [More Info]


Spanner Wrench Set

This four piece spanner wrench set includes the sizes 27mm, 30mm, 32mm, 36mm, and is most useful for various repairs on your car.


Spanner 4 Wrench Set, 911, 930, 914-6, 944, 968 (27mm, 30mm, 32mm, 36mm)     [More Info]


32 MM Oil Line Wrench

This oil line wrench is specifically designed for the 944 equipped with 32mm oil line fittings. Manufactured from Chrome-Vanadium Steel for corrosion resistance and years of reliable service.


944 32 MM Oil Line Wrench    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

36 MM Oil Line Wrench

Having trouble removing the large oil lines on your Porsche? Then this is the wrench for you. Precision laser cut 36MM wrench with sculpted handle for maximum grip on the fitting and in your hand. 12 point design will not slip off or round fittings like open-end wrenches do. 15 degree head design allows wrench to operate in the tight confines of the engine compartment. If you own a Porsche 911, 930, 914-6, you'll need this wrench.


36 MM Oil Line Wrench    [More Info]


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