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101 Projects for Your Porsche 911
$ 24.95
Carb RebuildAuthor Wayne R. Dempsey gives us yet another reason to own a Porsche 911.   '101 Projects' features weekend projects that you can easily perform on your 911 in your own garage.  Ranging from difficult (overview of 911 Engine Rebuilding) to the very simple (washing your car), this book appeals to both the new and experienced 911 owner alike.Rear CaliperEach project is detailed with an easy-to-read chart showing you exactly how long it should take, what tools you need, applicable years, and the amount of 'wrenching talent' required.  The book contains several chapters of project overviews, but mostly all of the projects are shown with step-by-step instructions.

chain_tensioners.JPG (9601 bytes)The book is 240 pages long, and contains more than 350 Full-Color pictures and diagrams.  Here is a sample page from the shock replacement project.   Here is another page on upgrading to the 911 Turbo Look.  For those with carburetors, there's an entire project on the rebuild process.   Showing the range and breadth of projects, there is also a project on the dash pad installation.  For those with older 901 transmissions, there is a project on rebuilding first gear on your transmission.  And finally, for the really adventurous, you can try your hand at timing your cams! The book covers 911s and 912s from 1965-89, and is also applicable to the early 1990's 964 series, and the 914 as well.

For more information, visit the 101 Projects Official Home Page


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