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Dinan DINATronics Performance ECU, Porsche 944, 1989 (49-State Legal)
$ 152.25
Bosch ECU #0-261-200-089

The engineers at Dinan have developed the ideal performance chip for your Porsche. Our expertise guarantees you will obtain substantial performance gains without tradeoffs. A Dinan Chip is the simplest, most cost effective performance upgrade you can get for your Porsche!

Your car has a Bosch Motronic engine management system, which is controlled by a central digital computer that manages the ignition timing and fuel delivery functions. Information specific to your vehicleís engine type, year and model is encoded onto an "EPROM" memory chip inside your vehicleís electronic control unit (ECU) "brain". On this chip, the ignition timing and fuel delivery information are contained within data sets called "maps", these maps control the engine's idling, part-throttle and wide-open throttle operation. Appropriate fuel metering and ignition advance values are selected from these maps according to the engine loading, RPM, and the setting of the throttle-position switch (located on the throttle body).

By optimizing ignition advance and fuel delivery, a Dinan Chip lets your engine safely deliver maximum power. Dinan Chips are finely tuned for optimum fuel economy and minimum emissions at light loads; chip tuning at higher loads progressively emphasizes power and torque gains. At wide-open throttle, our chips are dynamometer-tuned for maximum power. You will get all the power you need whenever you want it- without emissions or fuel economy compromises!

After you install a Dinan Chip on your 944, you will see a 11 horsepower peak gain at 4500 RPM and other substantial gains within the 4000-6000 RPM range. These gains are accompanied by a substantial increase in low-end torque, and the rev-limiter has been safely raised to 7000 RPM.

All tune-up settings remain as stock; your car will easily pass a tailpipe emissions test. Although you must use 91 (or greater) octane unleaded "supreme" fuel, there are no adverse side effects under normal driving conditions. Nobody will know about your Dinan Chip unless they go looking for it- but you will feel the difference. Now isnít it time for some engineering savvy under your hood today?

All Dinan Chips are covered by a "90 day warranty for defects in workmanship". This product is 49-state emissions legal and is in compliance with U.S. EPA Memorandum 1A, or this product has not been found, nor is believed to be, unlawful for use under the provisions of the Clean Air Act. It is currently not legal for sale or use in California.


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