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MINI All (2002-12)
Einszett Exterior Care
Gummi Pflege Rubber and Weatherstripping Treatment
1Z Perls Shampoo
ColourTec Wheel Cleaner
Einszett Interior Care
1Z Plastic Cleaner
1Z Cockpit Premium
1Z Leather Care
Gummi Pflege Rubber and Weatherstripping Treatment
Einszett Interior Care
1Z Plastic Cleaner
1Z Cockpit Premium
1Z Leather Care
Gummi Pflege Rubber and Weatherstripping Treatment
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Project 5: Washing Your Car - Page 2

Einszett Interior Care

Our customers demand only the best from Germany - Einszett car care products. Einszett has been providing auto enthusiasts in Europe with quality car care products since the 1930's. Now available in the U.S., their environmentally safe formulations and high concentrations are the perfect solution to cleaning your high performance automobile.

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1Z Plastic Cleaner
An intensive, non-corrosive, non-acidic two-phase deep cleaner that removes grime buildup, scuff marks, bitumen (tar), and nicotine thoroughly and effortlessly with dust-resistant anti-static action. Use to clean armrests, door handles, shift knobs, vinyl seats, pedals, dashboard, storage compartments, tires, rocker panels, wheel wells, and more. Water-based formula is biodegradable, formalin-free and environmentally friendly. Follow-up with a treatment of Cockpit Premium or Vinyl-Rubber Care and Protectant. 500 ml


1Z Plastic Cleaner (Plastik-Reiniger)    [More Info]

1Z Cockpit Premium
The original interior care and protectant developed specifically for that original factory look. Cockpit Premium is a treatment spray for all interior components including the dash, vinyl seats, door handles, trim, navigation screens, stereo head units, and clear plastic. Cleans and protects components from the UV exposure and heat. The gentle formula is water-based and free of oils providing a flat, original showroom finish. Non-slip finish allows for application on the steering wheel, shift knob and imitation leather seats. Great for use around the garage and house. 500 ml

1Z Cockpit Premium     [More Info]

1Z Leather Care
Gone are the days of 'unfinished' (nude) leather which cracked because it required owners to constantly condition and maintain the leather with natural oils and hide food. Today, many leather producers treat leather in a variety of colors and textures with a clear protectant to prevent cracking and drying. This process results in finished leather. While finished leather requires less care, it still requires attention. Leather Care is designed for today's finished leather. Its gentle formula utilizes natural waxes and conditioners which moisturize to prevent cracking, replenish natural oils and maintain leather luster. Use on interior car fittings, motorcycle cladding, handbags, boots, and luggage. It effortlessly removes dirt, grease, and body oil from the finish without leaving a greasy film. High-quality care components protect the leather surface from becoming brittle and restore the leather to its original softness. Not for use on suede or nude leathers. 250ml


1Z Leather Care (Cleaner/Conditioner)    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Gummi Pflege Rubber and Weatherstripping Treatment

If your Boxster hard top squeaks, cracks, and pops, then apply a few coats of Gummi Pflege to the seals and let it dry overnight. You'll be amazed at how this product reduces the noise. Keep your valuable seals and rubber looking factory fresh. Gummi Pflege is specially formulated for protecting rubber from UV damage and keeps rubber from drying out, staying supple and pliable for years to come.


1Z Gummi Pflege Rubber Protection 100 ml    [More Info]


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