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Chemical Guys, 3"x6"x1" Hex-Logic Polishing Hand Applicator Pad, White   $6.99

  The dense white foam provides a protective cushion allowing foam compression to maintain constant surface pressure. This white polishing foam pad is perfect for use with any medium polish or finishing polishing to enhance the gloss and take your finish to the next level of clarity. The Hex-Logic White Polishing Hand Pad is used to follow up after using the orange cutting pad. The white polishing foam pad is soft enough to be gentle on paintwork, but firm enough to remove marring, light swirls and holograms that dull your vehicle’s finish. The white Hex-Logic foam is perfect for polishing gauge clusters, wood grain dash trim and even polishing chrome and stainless steel. The unique design can tackle the toughest jobs while also having the ability to perfect the finest details. The Hex-Logic White Polishing Hand Pads are perfect for use with V36, V38, and P40 Polish to refine the finish and bring back clarity. The Hex-Logic White Polishing Hand Pad can even be used with Chemical Guys Metal Shine and Metal Wax to polish chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum to a bright shine. Chemical Guys engineered the Hex-Logic White Polishing Hand Pad for ultimate versatility. The white polishing pad is perfect for detailing wheels, mirrors, exhaust tips, and any small area that needs some extra attention.  

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