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Chemical Guys Project J97 Paste Wax
$ 849.99
Project J97 was born from a request from a Chemical Guys friend in Japan, Mr. Miyazaki. Mr. Miyazaki's car collection contains vehicles that are considered priceless – meaning money could never replace them. All of these cars are detailed using Chemical Guys products. On a trip to Japan, we actually had the opportunity to meet with him and view his collection when he made a simple request - produce the best product we possibly could and consider money no object. He said, “Cars are like toys. Life may possibly go on without them, but if it did, it just wouldn’t be the same. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and in complete excess.” His words resonated with us and set forth with a vision for this product that was similar to the passion we have for cars: “If you are going to drive a car, drive it fast. Make it scream – let’s see what she’s got. Punch that gas pedal to the floor so you can feel its heartbeat as you race in and out of the canyons. Remember, if you don’t live for the now, you are not living.”


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