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The Restorer's Reference BMW 2002 1968-1976, First Edition
$ 40.00
The BMW ’02 series of cars, which includes the 1602, 1802, and 2002, was one of the most successful series ever produced by the Bavarian automaker, with more than 800,000 examples built. A surprising number of these are still on the road, as the little Bimmer has proven itself a reliable as well as stylish performer. The Restorer’s Reference BMW 2002 1968–1976 provides restorers, collectors, and enthusiasts all the key information necessary to correctly refurbish these classic German coupes. As the value of these cars continues to rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure accuracy in restoration and preservation. From exterior colors to the myriad small details of the engine and interior, The Restorer's Reference BMW 2002 1968–1976 covers all of the details that add up to a correct, original car. Hardcover, 160 pages and over 200 photos.


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