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Inside the BMW Factories: Building the Ultimate Driving Machine
$ 33.50
By Graham Robson. BMW's Bavarian blue and white propeller logo harks back to its early twentieth-century roots as an aircraft engine manufacturer. How this venerable company weathered two world wars, moved from aircraft to motorcycles and, finally, to the cars that would provide its greatest glory is the remarkable story recounted in this book. With unique access to BMW's factories and archives, author Graham Robson gives readers an inside look at how the great German automaker works and how its methods have evolved over the decades. Visiting factories throughout Germany and in the United States he offers readers a rare, behind the scenes, nuts-and-bolts account of how BMW produces its famed models. Illustrated with rare photographs from BMW's own archives, this book constitutes an unprecedented tour of the history and culture of one of the world's great automakers. Hardbound, 192 pages Length: 10.875 x 9.25


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