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Mercedes-Benz Technical Companion, Bentley Publishers, Softcover
$ 39.95
Since 1956, informed Mercedes-Benz owners have relied upon The Star, the magazine of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, for advice about maintenance, service and repair of their cars. Bentley Publishers has collected some of the best of these do-it-yourself articles and tech tips into the Mercedes-Benz Technical Companion. No matter which Mercedes-Benz model you drive or desire, this compilation will serve as a valuable technical reference to help you understand and care for your Mercedes-Benz.

This insightful and informed technical compilation has something for the Mercedes-Benz owner, service professional and enthusiast. You will also find useful technical guidance that pertains to Mercedes-Benz vehicles in general, based on the contributors' long-time dedication to Mercedes-Benz service and ownership. Softcover, 8 3/8 in. x 11 in., 412 pages, 746 b/w photos and illustrations.


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