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The Racing Driver, Bentley Publishers, Softcover
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Porsche - Origin of the Species, by Karl Ludvigsen, Bentley Publishers, Hardcover
No Longer Available
Porsche Gmünd coupe 356/2-040, the cornerstone of Jerry Seinfeld's collection, serves as the inspiration for Porsche - Origin of the Species, an in-depth exploration by the eminent automotive historian Karl Ludvigsen into the specific influences and circumstances that brought forth the first Porsche-badged sports cars.

How and when did the people of the Porsche firm find themselves in a sawmill in Gmünd? What was the influence on the 356 of the cars and engines built by Porsche before and during the war? How and why was the first 356 shaped as it was? What was the real relationship between the tube-framed Type 356 roadster and the first 356/2 coupes? Questions like these deserve answers because the resulting DNA is so powerful, so robust, that it still influences the shape and style of Porsches well into the twenty-first century. The saga that emerges encompasses mechanical revelations, human drama and the turmoil of world war. Porsche-Origin of the Species will appeal to all car enthusiasts who are eager to know what events really ignited the spark from which all other Porsches evolved.

Hardcover, 10 1/2 in. x 10 1/2 in., 356 pages, 436 photos and illustrations.


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