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Road & Track Porsche 928 Portfolio 1977-1994
$ 19.95
The Porsche 928, introduced in 1977, was, and still is, the only 8-cylinder Porsche. It was the Porsche designed for the United States market, and because a rear-engine 911 would not pass crash test requirements, the 928 was born as a front-engine car. It was the fastest production car in the world for a good number of years and still claims many die-hard fans who love its comfort and performance. The Road & Track Porsche 928 Portfolio 1977-1994 is a great reference source for Porsche 928 fans, containing 32 of the best articles on the 928 found in the pages of Road & Track magazine. Articles include: ‘Porsche 928 Automatic'; ‘928 vs. Audi Quattro vs. 911'; ‘1985 928S'; ‘Five part harmony – 928S vs. 944 Turbo vs. 911 Cabriolet vs. 911 Turbo'; ‘Just desserts – 928S 4'; ‘Swift sensation – 928S 4'; ‘Bargain exotic – 1978-1981 Porsche 928'; and ‘Porsche 928 GTS'. This book also features over 30 pages of full-color photos of beautiful Porsche 928s. Sftbd.


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