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BMW Code Scan / Reset Tools

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  What is the Check Engine light trying to tell me? The BMW Check-Engine light can mean any number of things.
Sometimes it's alerting you to the real need for a repair, but most often it is merely indicating one of the many, simple (top off your coolant, loose gas cap or oil cap) type problems. Imagine paying a hundred dollars to a repair shop to tighten your radiator cap and reset the Check Engine light. Without the R5/FCX, you're stuck staring at your Check Engine light until you see the mechanic who can reset it. Routine Maintenance Lights - As an added benefit, the R5/FCX includes the ability to reset the oil service and inspection, routine maintenance lights. Considering that an oil service for a BMW can sometimes equal the price of the R5/FCX, this feature alone is worth the price of the R5/FCX. Manual and Code book included.
No more driving around with those lights on! Do you change your own oil or go to a fast lube? If you do, then the R5 reset tool is made just for you. The R5 gives you the freedom to reset your own Oil service/Inspection lights, allowing you more choices in service. Super easy to use, takes 15 to 20 seconds, and you don't even have to get your hands dirty! Includes Instructions.

To select the right tool, please be sure to view the Peake Research Application Guide.

It's also highly recommended that you check out our Pelican Technical Article on Reading BMW Fuel Injection Fault Codes.

Known Incompatibilities for the R5-FCX-3 Code Scan and Reset Tool:
325/e/es (1987), M3 (1988-91)
528 Euro-spec (1988) (528e is compatible), 535i/is (1987-88), M5 (1988)
635/M6 all (1987)
735 all (1987)

Model year 2000 ONLY: There was a change made in diagnostic systems for most BMW models in 2000 and one must verify if vehicle is equipped with the 20-pin diagnostics plug in the engine bay for these cars. This information CANNOT be deciphered by VIN. The exception is:

X5 models 2000-2001 = need to verify if vehicle is equipped with the 20-pin diagnostics plug in the engine bay.

All models - if equipped with plug in the engine bay use FCX-3 or R5B. If not equipped, use FCX-3-16.

NOTE: For Vehicles equipped with BMW iDrive Systems this tool scans and resets Engine Management Codes ONLY - Will NOT reset the Service Indicator or Oil Change Lights (these are reset manually).

NOTE: Peake Research scan tools are incapable of reading ABS/DSC module codes.
The BMW airbag light is something that every installer, mechanic, racer and tuner will eventually face. The removal of interior components such as the seat, steering wheel, ECUs, parts of the wiring harness, etc... will cause the airbag light to come on. And it stays on, until a tool is used to reset it. Until now, the only solutions were a trip to the dealer, which will always costs you time and money, or the purchase of a very costly scan and reset tool. With The low cost, R5/SRS, you simply read the code, look up the code in our code book, make sure you know exactly why the airbag light is on, fix the problem, then reset it. That simple.
Peake Research R5-FCX-3 Code Scan and Reset Tool, BMW (1987-2000) Note incompatibilities listed above. Can be adapted past 2000, up to 2006 with optional adaptor.



R5 Service Reset Tool, BMW All, 1988-99



R5-SRS Airbag (SRS) Scan/Reset Tool for BMWs (1994-mid 2000)



R5 Adapter - 20 pin to 16 pin - Allows the R5-FCX and the R5-SRS to fit 2001 and later BMWs

No Longer Available


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